Acrylic nails have gathered a massive amount of fans as women have craved perfectly polished nails that last for weeks in a row for as long as nail polish has been out there. The nail art industry has made an incredible progress, leading to new and innovative techniques using products that aim for long term results, so if you’re thinking to give acrylic nails a try or simply opt for a trendy design to suit your trendy nails, check out these stylish acrylic nail art designs for summer and let your nails steal the spotlight at any event.

The polymer that is applied on the nail adheres to the surface and hardens when cured under light (although there are certain products that don’t require a UV lamp), delivering the perfect surface and nail length that can be shaped to suit your style. Although most women prefer the classic square shaped nail, the newest trend when it comes to acrylic nail shape is stiletto. The pointy, long nail is a magnet for attention, but it requires a bit of extra care as chipping the end when bumping into something is easier compared to bumping the blunt surface of square nails. This trendy new way to style the nails to perfection has opened new doors to nail art designs, so let your imagination run wild and draw inspiration from the following summery-vibe acrylic nail art designs as their style is in perfect sync with the season’s newest trends.

If you’re sporting acrylic nails, you don’t have to strive to keep them as natural as possible as nowadays super sophisticated, edgy looking nails are taking all the glory for fabulousness, creativity and individuality. Experienced nail art technicians are trained to create statement nails that seem to defy all the rules you used to know when it came to the possibilities of design, as with the help of innovative products, add-ons and hand painting techniques, the possibilities become limitless. Regardless of your nail length, the nail art technician can help build the nail length you desire, so go pointy and dare to go bold with add-ons such as rhinestones, gems, feathers or other cool nail accessories. The summer season is all about pretty warm tones when it comes to color, so experiment with blue tones, pretty pastels, pink tones, purples, you name it as the possibilities are endless.

A super popular trend when it comes to fabulous, oh-so-trendy nails, and this goes for natural as well as acrylic nails, is given by nude tones. Nude colored nails have managed to conquer the nail art scene with their elegance and refined look, making them a perfect match for women of all ages and occasions. To add that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to your nude colored nails, whether fully colored, half-moon colored or applied just on the tips, turn towards bronze, gold or silver glitter, add stylish rhinestones or pretty pearls to your nails as the beauty boosting power of these details is amazing. If you’re looking to add a touch of color to your nails, opt for a cool floral pattern which looks best if the design is created using dry flowers introduced between the layers of acrylic.

The ladies that want a balanced mani with a casual-chic twist, an all-day perfect mani, a floral manicure, a cool frosted tip effect mani, an asymmetrically colored manicure or a stylish French manicure with a twist can try them all, as they are all perfect! Mix various hues with glitter, dare to mix contrasting colors and experience the energizing power of neon colors as the sky is the limit when it comes to your nails!

Photos courtesy of Nail-Mer, Thinkstock