Luxury label Yves Saint Laurent is preparing to launch a new premium skin care line called Or Rouge (red gold). The name was chosen precisely to highlight the star ingredient the new products incorporate: saffron, an expensive and rare spice. The reason why the label decided to incorporate the luxurious ingredient into the new line has to do with the properties of the saffron pistils. Apparently, they contain a high concentration of crocin, a special type of glycan.

Glycans are involved in the skin cells’ metabolism and tissue structure, but their quantity tends to diminish with age. The L’ Oreal-owned label will be focusing on helping women’s skin fight stressors and stimulate the skin’s ability to renew itself, so in essence, the new YSL Or Rouge premium skin care line is an anti aging one.

If the concept sounds familiar it’s because the YSL Forever Youth Liberator line featured the same concept. This time however, the label also included the X-Glycan compound into the formula. The new YSL skin care line is said to target fine lines, wrinkles, lack of firmness and dullness as well as other common types of aging signs.

Ysl Or Rouge Skin Care Line

The YSL Or Rouge skin care line has a sleek, modern packaging created by Noé Duchaufour Lawrance. The new YSL skin care products will be unveiled first in UK at Harrods in mid February. The US pre-launch is scheduled a month later, in mid March, when it will be featured on The line will become available in most international locations in April.

With the exception of US, the new Yves Saint Laurent Or Rouge line will replace the Temps Majeur skin care line. The premium YSL skin care cream will come in different versions. The priciest product of the line is a 50-ml. cream which will retail for $240. A 15-ml. eye cream will cost $240, while a 200-ml. lotion will set one back $150.

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Photos: WWD