The YSL Gloss Volupte spring 2014 collection is filled with ultra seductive tones that are sure to make any makeup junkie swoon. A delightful array of 23 high-shine lip glosses in mesmerizing tones is here to test your willpower and make it difficult to stop at just a few favorites. The best possible description of the new offerings comes right from the luxury label itself: “an invitation to kiss”. Indeed, it will not be unusual to feel like a vixen while wearing any of these stunning tones.

The new YSL Gloss Volupte tubes don’t impress solely with their stunning shades. According to the label, these lip glosses belong to a new generation and have a couple of interesting perks. Aside from the unusual applicator, which features 3D curves for easier application, there are also some interesting claims formula-wise. The new YSL lip glosses for spring 2014 are said to offer balm-like care and be 10 times more unctuous compared to typical lip glosses. What’s more, the new options are have an intense color payoff and a high wattage shine. Intrigued yet? If so, be sure to take a closer look at the new options:

Ysl Gloss Volupte Spring 2014 Colors

YSL Gloss Volupte Shades($32)

    No.1 GoldNo.2 Or SaharienneNo.3 Rose FusionNo.4 Fuchsia VermeilNo.10 Or RoseNo.15 Grenade PepiteNo.19 Rose OrfevreNo.20 Nude CaratNo.30 Corail LingotNo.49 Terriblement FuchsiaNo.101 IridescentNo.102 Rose Satine

    Ysl Gloss Volupte Spring 2014 ShadesNo.103 Opium PersanNo.104 Prune OrgandiNo.201 PureNo.202 Rose JerseyNo.203 Corail GandouraNo.204 Corail TrapezeNo.205 Rouge ShantungNo.206 Fuchsia OranNo.207 Rouge VeloursNo.208 FauveNo.209 Smoking

    Ysl Gloss Volupte Spring 2014 Tubes

Out of these options, Golden, Pure and Smoking are top coats, which can help you get interesting effects. If you want an intense shine, Pure is the best choice. If you want a stunning glitter effect, Gold can be the best choice. The Smoking shade can easily help you take your look from day to night.

The new YSL Volupte Shine lip glosses are already available on However, the intentional launch date for YSL Volupte Shine collection is January 2nd.

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Photos: YSL