The YSL Couture Palette spring/summer 2014 makeup collection features a selection of utterly gorgeous eyeshadow tones that will seriously test most makeup enthusiasts’ willpower. The new line is meant to be a reflection of the luxury fashion house’s essence and features eleven eyeshadow palettes, each featuring five lovely tones that are perfect for creating a multitude of amazing looks.

Does the shape and placement of the new tones remind you of something? Perhaps of the work of Dutch painter Piet Mondrian? If so, it’s because the brand used its iconic Mondrian day dress, created in the autumn of 1965 as inspiration for the new offerings, especially since graphic lines and perfect proportions have been deeply embedded in the fashion house’s creations for many years. While the creative elements that inspired the packaging come from the past, as far as formula is concerned, the luxury brand is thinking ahead and promises a new generation formula that delivers exceptional results.

The palettes feature both versatile, coordinated tones and bold shades with an incredibly strong impact. The tones come with different textures like matte, satin, pearl and metallic for a great palette of interesting possibilities. Here’s a closer look at the new Yves Saint Laurent Couture Palette eyeshadows:

Ysl Couture Palette In TuxedoYsl Couture Palette In Fauves

Nº1 TuxedoNº2 Fauves

Y Sl Couture Palette In AfriqueY Sl Couture Palette In Saharienne

Nº3 AfriqueNº4 Saharienne

Ysl Couture Palette In SurréalisteY Sl Couture Palette In Rive Gauche

Nº5 SurréalisteNº6 Rive Gauche

Y Sl Couture Palette In ParisienneY Sl Couture Palette In Avant Garde

Nº7 ParisienneNº8 Avant-Garde

Y Sl Couture Palette In LoveY Sl Couture Palette In Lumières Majorelle

Nº9 LoveNº10 Lumières MajorelleNº11 Ballets Russes

Each eyeshadow set will be retailing for $58. The new YSL Couture Palette makeup collection for spring/summer 2014 will become available starting with June 2014. Have your eyes set on any of the new luxe makeup products? Then be sure to look for the newest YSL eyeshadow tones at Nordstrom, Macy’s, Sephora, Douglas stores and YSL retailers.

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Photos: YSL Beauty