It seems like the beginning of the year is a truly prolific time for retailers who are on the verge of starting new projects. Targeting a group with an estimated 2 billion dollars buying power, Walmart’s new brand called GeoGirl will debut in February and will be replacing the Mary-Kate and Ashley cosmetics range which has suffered a decay in consumer preferences over the last years.

The skin care and makeup products from the brand are designed to be eco friendly as the brand aims encouraging a responsible attitude towards environmental problems. As Carmen Bauza, Wamart Stores Inc.’s vice president and divisional merchandise manager of beauty and personal care herself pointed out:

“GeoGirl is about teaching this generation about beauty care in a responsible way. This [line] is a great learning experience for us to determine how to communicate with this generation.”

The GeoGirl brand, owned by Pacific World may eventually become a lifestyle brand granted it will fulfill the sales projection made. Joel Carden, executive vice president, marketing and sales for Pacific World went on to explain the marketing strategy behind the brand:

“These are real cosmetics with natural ingredients that will create return purchases and create a true beauty consumer.’

Indeed the cosmetic have special formulas which are well suited for a youthful, delicate skin. Natural ingredient chamomile, lavender,white willow bark and calendula as well as pomegranate and green tea extracts are just some of the ingredients contained in the products. In addition, the products will be paraben, phthalates and sulfate frees and synthetic colors and fragrances will be avoided to discourage skin allergies. Needless to say all the 69 items from the brand are dermatologically tested. Moreover, to further promote a green attitude in the young generation packaging will also be recyclable.

Examples of the products contained in the brand include: J4G lip balm, URA* face shimmer, TiSC body mist, QTPi mineral blush or T2G cleanser. These products and many others will be available at, a website that will also include how to videos. In addition the company will also donate a part of the net profits to a charity chosen by the young consumers.