From lingerie to makeup, Victoria’s Secret beauty treasure chest has drawn attention from women situated worldwide and this doesn’t actually come as a surprise. However, the new Victoria’s Secret Love Me Wild makeup collection did surprise everyone as the colors as well as the details featured by the collection are absolutely fabulous and quite distinct to what VS got us all used to.

The limited edition VS makeup collection features 3 fabulous products which are going to make you have a blast using them. Victoria’s Secret team suggest this season you should get wild and frisky, so if you love having fun with makeup this collection is perfect for the summer.


The characteristics which make the collection stand out and apart from other collections are the colors as well as the details featured on the packages. A combo of gold, black and pink creating a zebra or a cool leopard print helps the collection receive a distinct air.

The colors used beautifully match the casing and so you will look at a lovely color combined product. The products are all a woman needs to create a glowing makeup look so the following items have been created:



VS Makeup Love Me Wild Radiant Face Trio – a shimmery compact face powder that combines 3 different shades to lighten and contour for a summery illuminating effect. The Radiant Face Trio comes on 4 different combinations to match all skin colors.

VS Makeup Love Me Wild Eye Shadow Quads – feature 4 zebra print mixes of 4 fabulous eyeshadows with a satin finish. Can be worn alone, in combination or blended for infinite eye looks.

VS Makeup Love Me Wild Perfect Lipstick – bright lipsticks with a rich, creamy formula, perfect for the hot season. The limited edition lipsticks come in 4 summery shades: a bright pink, soft nude, sexy purple and hot coral.