The Vera Wang brand has always been associated with mesmerizing wedding dresses that make every bride’s special day truly impressive. After mastering the wedding dress niche, the designer is expanding her universe. Tuxedos and makeup products for Kohl’s are the latest projects she is working on and the sneak peek of her new makeup line is definitely a point of interest for most women. Concerning the new line, the designer stated: “It completes my Kohl’s universe. Also, a pop of color is such a gorgeous way to let your natural beauty shine through. It’s the ultimate accessory.”

The global brand president of Aramis and Designer Fragrances, BeautyBank and Idea Bank at Lauder,Veronique Gabai-Pinsky also highlighted that the designer’s new collection follows some of her leading style directions:

“Vera Wang brings legitimacy to color cosmetics first and foremost because she is a woman. She is a woman designing for women — and very often on their wedding day, a day when they want to feel their most beautiful. Vera’s approach to beauty is very much in line with her approach and aesthetics in fashion.

It’s about enhancing a woman’s natural beauty by creating a perfect skin canvas, and then allowing the woman to express her personality and be embellished through color. The Simply Vera Vera Wang Cosmetics collection gives her the platform and the opportunity to connect with them even further by completing the full Simply Vera Vera Wang lifestyle experience for them at Kohl’s.”

Since the focus has always been on highlighting one’s natural beauty, the products are meant to protect the skin along with giving it a hint of color. That’s why products like illuminating concealer or nourishing lip balms are natural additions to the collection. The price range for the new products is between $16.50 and $ 39.50, with the Lash Enhancing Serum being among the most expensive products from the new collection which is set to launch this April.

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