Makeup is fabulous and you can easily reach the same conclusion by checking out the new makeup collection released by some of the most important makeup brads of the world. One of these collections which looks absolutely amazing is the Shu Uemura Morphorium spring 2011 makeup collection. The collection is all about fabulous colors put together to help you look stunning with every appearance.

Makeup can really be a girls best friend but only if high quality products are used and properly applied to suit the facial features and skin tone. The Morphorium collection created by Shu Uemura for the spring 2011 season suits most skin tones and the colors adapt well to the new trends. Powerful is the style of the collection and the makeup products contained by the collection will make you look amazing.

Shu Uemura Morphorium Palettes Shu Uemura Morphorium Palettes

The Morphorium collection features the following fabulous makeup products in different shades just so you can benefit from variety when it comes to makeup. It includes:

Makeup palettes in two fabulous shades:

Morphorium Blue Palette – which features the following eye makeup shades:blue, purple, yellow and brown, plush a pink colored blush

Sunset Gold Palette – which features a lovely combination of bronze colored eyeshadows and a pink colored blush

Also available are 3 lovely mono eyeshadow pigments available in the following shades which can make your eyes look fabulous:

Malachite Green

Rose Gold

Can Silver Mica- a khaki silver shade

Shu Uemura Morphorium Spring 2011 Makeup Collection

To add more dept to your eyes Shu Uemura has features along these fabulous eye makeup pallets partial fake eyelashes which look amazing. They are called Peacock Partial Eye Lashes and their name suits their style perfectly as they reflect purple, brown and black shades depending on the angle you are looking from.

Because no makeup would be complete without lipstick Shue Uemura has created 4 amazing lip colors to match this collection. You can find the following lovely lipstick shades:

PK 335- which has a nude coloration

PK 343- which is colored in a lovely pink shade

BG 944- which features an orange tone coloration

BG 935- which is a lovely apricot shade

Also available are the following nail polishes which come in two lovely shades; Sapphire Amazon (shimmery turquoise) and Orange Mining Congo (shimmery orange). Both shades look amazing and suit the new nail polish color trends perfectly. The makeup collection is amazing so don’t hesitate to purchase these amazing Limited Edition makeup products while you can! Products are set to be available from January 2011 in Japan and Taiwan.

Photos courtesy of Shu Uemura