Celebrity-inspired beauty lines are certainly something we have become fairly accustomed to lately. Although each celebrity collection is unique in its own way, few collections are as comprehensive as the Nuance line, endorsed by the renowned actress Salma Hayek. Comprising 100 beauty products, the Nuance beauty line focuses not only on skin and body care, but also on makeup products and hair care.

After getting the idea of developing an affordable beauty line about 10 years ago, Salma Hayek finally took the necessary step to make this happen. After partnering up with CVS, the Mexican diva finally announced that she is about to launch a beauty line that will be based on a few well kept beauty secrets from her family.

The diva’s dedication for her latest project was more than serious as she herself declared: “I took three years off my [acting] career to work on this. This is not something that required 14 hours. Nooo, baby. This has been a full-time job.” When asked about her decision to create an affordable beauty line, Salma expressed her desire of reaching a wide range of customers with her products: “It is possible to create extraordinary products for a low price. Everyone should have the right product at the right price. A lot of products don’t even cost a lot to make. I wanted to make simply the best product and give everyone access to the good stuff.”

The collection, which is expected to bring approximately $35 millions in sales in the first year alone, will be launched in August this year. The first full drugstore celebrity supported line will feature products ranging from $7.99 to $19.99. Unsurprisingly, the products placed at the higher end of the price range have anti-aging properties. Among the main ingredients used are tepezcohuite, which is said to help heal burns and regenerate red blood cells and which has anti-aging properties, a licorice and 10% sulfur combo which are said to banish blemishes if used as a spot treatment or prickly pear extract.

The strong involvement and dedication of the gorgeous 45 year old star and her undeniable charisma, the partnership with the important pharmaceutical chain and the multitude of products designed to fulfill as many beauty needs as possible, all create a series of wonderful premises for the collection proving its immense potential. We cannot wait to test at least some of the products included in the collection.

Source: WWD.com