Enter into the magic world of whimsical fairies with a kaleidoscope of dreamy, flirty colors and smooth textures. The Pixi ‘PixiGLOW Tinkerbell’ collection features such a sweet range of goodies for every girl who loves to have fun with makeup. The line includes a lip gloss, a fairy dust, an eye liner and a catching shadows crayon, a nail polish and a stunning palette.

PixiGlow Tinkerbell Fairytale Palette

The exclusive fairy tale palette by Pixi seems to be inspired by budding roses, berry nectars and dew on the lawn. With all those natural super-flattering colors, every day can become a fairy tale. The palette contains five shimmer shot baked eye shadows, five lip colors from a soft pink to a rich berry hue and a three part blusher for a flush of colour. The Tinkerbell palette also features a mirror, a mini blusher brush, a dual ended lip brush and a sponge eyeshadow brush.

PixiGLOW Tinkerbell Collection

PixiGLOW Tinkerbell Collection

PixiGlow Tinkerbell Magic Tink Tint Lip Gloss

Inspired by crushed berries, the lip tint pencil has a gorgeous, nourishing texture that gives a smooth definition to your lips. The magic element of this lip gloss consists in its special gel formula that helps the tint to glide onto the lips and adapt it to pH levels. The result? Your own personalised pink hue! Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

PixiGlow Tinkerbell Fairytale Nail Polish

The stunning PixiGLOW TinkerBell collection also includes a fairy tale nail polish coming in a beautiful statement-making shade. It’s time you come out of your comfort zone and adorn your fingers with a dazzling, attention-grabbing hue. This incredibly fashionable pink and golden glimmer polish is chip-resistant and gives a high-gloss finish.

PixiGLOW Tinkerbell Collection PixiGLOW Tinkerbell Collection

PixiGlow Tinkerbell Straight On Till Morning Liner

Get the ultimate fantastic, eye-amazing look with this ‘straight on till morning’ liner! Define your eyes and impress everyone with a dramatic, mysterious makeup! Inspired by the fairy herself, the jade green eyeliner is studded with golden glitter and waterproof formula for a long-lasting finish, perfect for lining and defining your eyes.

PixiGlow Tinkerbell Catching Shadows Crayon

Made using light reflective pigments, the catching shadows pencil has a waterproof formula and is designed to give a luminous finish to your lids. Use this magic wand and define, highlight and create special effects!

PixiGlow Tinkerbell Fairy Dust

Sprinkle some fairy dust on your skin for an ethereal look! The PixiGLOW Tinkerbell dust pots are specially created to be applied on top of your make-up to give a glowing and luminous finish to your complexion. The potion contains glimmer loose pigments that allows you to apply it even on your eye lids or to highlight the face. The dust comes with a soft sponge applicator.

PixiGLOW Tinkerbell Collection PixiGLOW Tinkerbell Collection

PixiGLOW Tinkerbell Collection PixiGLOW Tinkerbell Collection

Photos courtesy of PIXI