Makeup isn’t just for girls as Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics proves through their latest collection titled Pretty Boy. The importance of high quality makeup has been well established and the search for the ultimate makeup products is constant, this is why various brands are battling to achieve high impact, high quality makeup products. One of the brands which is stepping out with amazing products that are 100% vegan and cruelty free is Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, so check out their latest makeup collection Pretty Boy for fall/winter 2011 so you can experience the amazing world of colorful makeup.

The world of makeup is forbidden to no one as beauty is unisex and ageless, so get beautified with the help of OCC Pretty Boy collection as it features amazing hues inspired from the runways as well as from glam rock celebs such as Boy George, Jared Leto and many others. Let yourself be drawn into the magical world of colored makeup and glam up this fall/winter season so you can definitely be the star at every event.

OCC Pretty Boy

OCC Lip Tar ($13) Lip Tar is an innovation as far as lip color goes. The formula looks like a lipstick, but applies like a lip gloss and it’s ultra saturated in color. The rich pigmented lip color goes a very long way meaning you’ll be able to enjoy a splash of color on your lips for a long time, just so you can look flawless every minute of the day and night. The formula enriched with Hemp oil, Peppermint oil and vitamin E delivers the moisture the lips need to look and feel soft and sensual. Get perfect kissable lips with OCC’s 6 fab new hues in:

Butch – pastel periwinkle

Femme – pale flamingo pink

Banjee – mango

Queen – neon red

Narcissus – pink/lavender

Pretty Boy – deep fuchsia

OCC Loose Colour Concentrate ($12) Enhance the beauty of your eyes with some intense color pigments as OCC’s loose colour concentrates that are lightweight and can be used on your body and face as well. The multi-purpose pigments are combined with shimmering mica, so you can enjoy a gorgeous radiant color on your entire body. Be creative and enhance your beauty with the following 3 new shades:

Cruising – brassy gold shimmer

Poison – forest green

Jubilee – pastel blue hue with intense green/yellow shimmer

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Pretty Boy Makeup Collection for Fall/Winter 2011

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Pretty Boy Makeup Collection for Fall/Winter 2011

OCC Pure Pigment ($12) If you really want to experiment with color, go pure with OCC 100% pure pigments. These pigments are not for the fainthearted, but more for the pros, so use it as it is or disperse the product in OCC’s Primers & Mixing Mediums. Two gorgeous new hues will enchant your beauty, so opt for:

Magenta – intense red-violet

Turquoise – intense teal/green

OCC Glitter ($12) Shine and you’ll definitely have all eyes on you using OCC’s Glitter in Mirrorball, a silver with rainbow reflections for a stunning look. Make your skin radiate by experimenting with glitter as a little bit of bling never hurt anyone.

OCC Nail Lacquer ($8) Nail color has become a definite must have for every fashionista, so make sure your nails are all about style by enhancing them with the richest nail polish hues. OCC’s nail lacquer formula is highly pigmented, quick drying and long lasting so your nails can raise up to the highest expectations. 6 new gorgeous hues are now available to enchant your eyes, so pick your best match:

Pool Boy – crème blue

Pansy – crème purple

Palare – deep fuchsia with blue/violet duochrome

Femme – shimmering flamingo pink

Extravaganza – Rich coral pink with gold shimmer

Cruising – brassy gold shimmer

Photos courtesy of OCC Photography by Michael Webber