Putting on display its addictive pigments through its new ‘Heroine’ makeup collection for fall/winter 2012, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics proved that there’s nothing hotter than a mix of pastel to dark pigments to turn towards when seeking to achieve a drama, yet feminine and powerful makeup look. Drawing its inspiration from the makeup creators’ favorite heroines of horror movies, the collection received a cool and highly addictive allure that keeps all eyes focused from day to evening.

The OCC brand is known for not being shy when it comes to playing with the most intense pigments and the new fall/winter 2012 makeup collection is packed with makeup shades that will make your heart skip a beat. Apart from the gorgeous colors, the brand prides itself with high quality ingredients and innovative textures when it comes to their products, making them a perfect choice for the divas that not only want to look good, but also make their skin feel good. The gorgeous display of neutrals to red and black proves to be quite addictive as we can’t help ourselves but stare at the following oh-so-stylish makeup products and hues:

Lip Tar ($16) Adding even more stylish pigments to its impressive Lip Tar collection, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics wants to make sure this fall season your lips look luscious than ever, so opt for a look fit for a true heroine by gliding your fave opaque, satin-matte finish hues on your lips. The ‘Heroine’ collection includes the following hot shades:

Lydia – a dark room plum

Black Dahlia – blackest blackened red

Sybil – midnight brownout

Psycho – true blood red (yellow-based)

Starling – deeply rusted auburn

Marion – beige rose neutral

Loose Colour Concentrate ($12.5) Stunning eyes can be easily achieved with the help of the lovely loose colour pigments signed OCC as the shimmering mica adheres to the skin delivering a lightweight coloration with every application. The ‘Heroine’ collection chose to focus on the power of pretty shimmering purples and plums as these are very flattering, trendy hues that dominated the fall/winter fashion scene, so test the following:

Overlook – deep plum shimmer

Technoir – purpled navy shimmer

Cosmetic Glitter ($12) If you’re looking to add a touch of drama to your look, make sure you turn towards the help of OCC’s cosmetic glitter in Blaylock, a true black with small glitter particles that can serve all your beauty needs.

Creme Colour Concentrate ($20) The brand’s ‘Heroine’ collection brings to our attention a new OCC product, the crème colour concentrate that features a creamy, blendable finish that will make your eyelids, lips and cheeks a magnet for attention. The buildable texture enables you to control the intensity of the color, so go light for a soft and subtle look or layer the product to experience the power of opaque neutral and pastel colored makeup. The collection unveiled the following three fab pigments:

John Doe – a pale, ash-tone taupe

Cthulu – a dirty, pale olive

Miriam – subdued whitened plum

Nail Lacquer ($8) Bringing true nail art enthusiasts a new, modern color palette to play with, OCC proved that the sky is the limit when it comes to your nails, so give the brand’s new nail polish shades a try as their intense pigmented, quick-drying and super long lasting formula will turn you into a beauty addict. Sport your new fave shade as the following are available:

Black Dhalia – blackest blackened red

Psycho – true blood red

Starling – deeply rusted auburn/red

Suspiria – UV magenta

Captain Howdy – pea soup green

Debaser – ridge-filling base coat

Photos courtesy of OCC