The Nivea lip balms might already be a trusted and perhaps even a favorite beauty staple that’s always found in your purse. However, things can get a lot better Nivea fans, as the label offers the chance to design your own caps, customizing them to perfection. It just makes sense when we think about it: things you never leave home without should have your personal touch etched on. So, whether you’d like to be reminded of a special event in your life every time you reach for your favorite lip balm or simply want a pretty, unique design for your daily beauty booster, Nivea has the perfect solution for you: personalized lip balm caps!

To help its loyal customers make their Nivea lip balms truly their own, the label has launched, the place where these personalized designs are born. It is rife with inspirational designs that help spark creativity, so don’t be surprised when we tell you that even high profile designer Rebecca Minkoff has experimented with Nivea’s new design tool and brought three cool alternatives perfect for summer which are inspired by the 60s and 70s and which are available for purchase along with other cool designs created by users.

Rebecca Minkoff Nivea Lip Balms

The brand offers over 400 designs you can take inspiration from and offers guidance every step of the way. First, you choose from these five lip balms: Kiss of Smoothness SPF 10 Net Wt 0.17OZ 4.8g, Kiss of Shimmer SPF 10 Net Wt 0.17OZ 4.8g, Kiss of Moisture Net Wt 0.17OZ 4.8g, Kiss of Milk & Honey Net Wt 0.17OZ 4.8g or Kiss of Cherry Net Wt 0.17OZ 4.8g. Next, the label advises picking a theme such based on criteria like: occasion, holiday, spring/summer, animal, classic, floral, geometric, Hollywood, travel, retro or urban.

Most Popular  Nivea Personalized Cap Lip Balms

Each of these themes comes with its own set of patterns and symbols which can become a part of the new design. The steps are laid out in a simple form and the process users are guided with helpful tips to ensure the design process goes as smoothly as possible. For those who still have questions, the FAQ page can answer the majority of the common dilemmas regarding the cap styling process.

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