New Rimmel Match Perfection Cream Gel Foundation review

When it comes to foundation, there’s no room for compromises. It can only be black or white, never gray. Our expectations from this risky product? Perfect, undetectable coverage, smooth, healthy finish, light texture, zero caked on effect, just to name a few. While the market is awash with a wide palette of makeup products that promise miraculous results, we tend to be kind of skeptical of their potential. Still, there are also foundations that really seem to work beyond any marketing strategies, faking perfection cleanly.

Perfection? Well, the mere sound of this word feels quite scary. Of course, we all crave for a flawless-looking, airbrushed skin that still keeps its natural, glowing aspect. And even though it might look rather impossible to achieve this, there is one foundation that really seems to meet all our expectations regarding the level of coverage and the zero mask effect look. The new Match Perfection Cream Gel Foundation from Rimmel feels lightweight and airy, instantly refreshing the skin due to its cream gel texture, while it hides all imperfections and unwanted blemishes and imitates natural skin tone.

There’s no magic or special tricks involved, just a Smart-Tone Technology and some blue sapphire pigments that offer the invisible, undetectable, all-day coverage we all crave for, giving a fresh, radiant and healthy look. The foundation blends easily and smoothly with your skin, therefore preventing the terrible caked on result. Your skin doesn’t feel heavy as the foundation is blending perfectly and it is distributed evenly without leaving visible lines or marks. Besides, the biggest advantage of the Rimmel Match Perfection Cream Gel Foundation is the fact that after 4 weeks your skin tone will have a more even aspect. Moreover, there’s no need to apply too much as it works well with minimal application.

The new Rimmel Match Perfection Cream Gel Foundation is available in six shades for £6.99

New Rimmel Match Perfection Cream Gel Foundation Review

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