Inspired by Karl Lagerfeld’s collection ‘Paris-Byzance’ pre-fall 2011 for Chanel, the legendary brand revealed the latest limited edition creation made by Peter Philips, creative director for Chanel Makeup.

‘An ode to Istanbul and the rich Byzantine stonework aesthetic’, the pre-fall show presented stunning, sophisticated outfits, perfectly matched with one of a kind jewelries inspired by Coco Chanel’s love for the Byzantine style.

In order to pay tribute to the work of Métiers d’Arts of Chanel, Philips imagined a makeup palette of five cream highlighters called ‘ Lumières Byzantines’, drawing his inspiration from the baroque jewelry made by Maison Goosens for Gabrielle Chanel during the 1950s. This special makeup palette that can be used both as a highlighter or eye shadow comes in a compact packaging, having a creamy texture. According to ‘Vogue’ Paris only 1,500 of these palettes have been made.

The absolutely unique palette flawlessly combines magical shades that seem to take you in a fantastic world. Every color plays its role in this amazing story. The lighter color in the middle is used to bring luminosity to your eyes, the golden shade can be applied on the mobile lid, the lower color can be used on the inner corner of the eyes, while the metallic brown can be worn as eyeliner. Last but not least, the shade on the right brings magic and glow on your cheekbones.

Karl Lagerfeld’s annual Métiers D’Art collection was called this year ‘Paris – Byzance’ and it was related to Coco Chanel’s first collection of costume jewelery, launched in the 1920s, which was based on Byzantine artwork. Black coats with tight-fitting cuts, golden embroideries, millinery, feathers, two-toned boots and slim-cut, conic pants represented the main concepts of the collection. Accessories are characterized by extravagance, yet a specific refinement.

As for makeup, this was chosen in order to perfectly complete the collection. Peter Philips said that the show’s makeup was inspired by the mosaic portrait of Theodora, the Empress of the Byzantine Empire Mosaic from the Saint-Vital de Ravenne Basilica. “The portrait gave me a focus point: the red eye shadow/liner that she wears on the arch of her eyebrows. This look is all about light and rich textures. The choreography between gold, bronze, black and red can be easily personalized according to the desires of each woman.”

Photos courtesy of Chanel