It is absolutely amazing how much color can impact your look and the new makeup products by Nars for summer 2011 is definitely proof of this statement. The new season is emphasizing color and trying to push boundaries to ensure women underline their femininity best through warm and dark hues which are perfectly combined.

Francois Nars said that “Any woman can wear any texture- it’s about choice more than rules”, so don’t be afraid to wear a bit of color. His statement “Find your own way, have an open spirit and believe in your own beauty”, can definitely be a guideline for women of all ages as far as their makeup look goes, so try to select the makeup shades and looks that suit your personality and wear your makeup proudly. Check out the new makeup collection by NARS created for the 2011 summer season, inspired from the beauty of the island of Motu Tane, and express yourself. Think of your skin as an empty canvas and get creative:

Nars Summer 2011 Makeup Collection

NARS eye makeupEye makeup can definitely make a huge difference as far as your eyes go and there are a variety of fabulous hues which you can use to add more depth and dimension to your look. NARS offers you several color options which you can use to spice-up your look for the summer season, so select the hues that work best for you. Choose from the following products:

The Eye Shadows in Cap Ferrat

Duo Eye Shadows in Dogon – a metallic beige and a metallic royal navy

Duo Eye Shadows in Exotic Dance

Soft Touch Eye Shadow Pencil in deep chartreuse glitter

NARS face A fabulous look starts with fabulous skin and perfectly defined facial features and NARS has the must have of your essential beauty kit. The blush featured in the summer 2011 makeup collection looks amazing and can definitely help you underline the cheekbones for a mesmerizing look. Use NARS’s blush in New Order to underline your delicate facial features at any time and with any occasion.

Nars Summer 2011 Makeup Collection Nars Summer 2011 Makeup Collection Laguna Body Bronzer and Nars Soft Touch Shadow

NARS lips Luscious lips have always managed to attract a generous amount of attention, so no wonder that women love to put them into value. In 2011 lip makeup trends bring the popularity of bare as well as brightly colored lips back, so choose to go for a natural look or go bold depending on what look suits you best. Select one of the following lip makeup products to complete your stylish appearance:

Pure Matte Lipstick in Carthage

Lipstick in Mayflower

Lip Gloss in Wonder

Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bolero

NARS body Emphasize the beauty of your skin using the following body products which are meant to give your skin a natural glow, a sun-kissed look that radiates beauty. Choose the limited edition bronzer sets to underline your beauty as they come in two lovely hues: Laguna Body Bronzer and Laguna Multiple.

NARS nails No look will be complete without a fabulous looking manicure, therefore, don’t neglect this aspect as your hands and nails are always in the center of attention so they have to look flawless if you want to look uber-hot. The nail varnishes featured in this collection are a perfect match for the summer, so choose to combine the beauty of white sand and golden rays of the sun to create cute nail art designs that match your personality. The following hues are available:

Ecume – a matte white

Kismet – a shimmering gold

NARS Summer Nail Polishes