Preparing in advance for special occasions is always interesting and with the multitude of options provided by the makeup brands for the new season there is certainly no shortage of alternatives for the upcoming months. Fans of the NARS brand along with those who are looking for festive makeup options will be delighted to find out that the brand will be releasing a new limited edition collection dedicated to the winter holidays on November 1st.

Focusing on dark tones that are perfectly in tone with the colder days that are about to come, the brand offers a series of limited edition products that can help every woman to create alluring makeup looks which welcome the holidays in style. Designed and photographed by the founder and creative director of Nars, François Nars, the latest line by the brand features Italian model Mariacarla Boscono who also modeled for the NARS fall 2011 makeup collection.

Miss Liberty Highlighting Blush This fabulous blush shade will instantly add a subtle sheen to your complexion. Create a flawless look by enhancing definition with this ultra flattering shade that can be combined for gorgeous effects.

SINGLE PONDEROSA Eyeshadow This spectacular eyeshadow inspired by North American Indians features an alluring shiny mink tone that can add just the right amount of drama for the ultimate festive eye makeup style. Subtle yet eye-catching, this tone can be a versatile option with the potential to appeal to women with different style preferences.

NARS Holiday 2011 Makeup Collection NARS Holiday 2011 Makeup Collection NARS Holiday 2011 Makeup Collection

Eyeshadow DUO MANCHOURIE Love classy and versatile hues? Then the DUO MANCHOURIE palette which takes inspiration from the Asian regions might just be the right product to give you the sophistication you crave for. Create a balanced yet fashionable look with any of these two fabulous tones.

Arabian Nights Trio Eyeshadow The Middle Eastern world has been a prolific source of inspiration for this three-hue palette that uses iridescent effects in order to add a special touch. Rich purple, shiny black or subtle pink are the alternatives that can help you create eye-catching effects that will inevitably place you in the spotlight.

G-Spot Multiple and RED LIPSTICK Joyous The collection also includes these two best sellers that can help you create luscious, kissable lips in a matter of seconds and to better define your cheekbones. Unlike other products from the latest collection, these are not limited-edition only.

ENDLESS NIGHT & NAIL POLISH SPACE ODYSSEY  A well done manicure can be the best tool to make a good first impression, so give your nails a little love with one of these high quality, modern tones for an effortless chic effect. Explore the fabulous nail art options if you are aiming for a more sophisticated look.

Don’t settle for anything less than makeup perfection and use some of these products for the best finishing touches: Larger than Life Long-Wear Eyeliners (New Shades Campo De Fiori, antique brass and St. Mark’s Place, royal purple) and Albatross Lipgloss (LE)

NARS Holiday 2011 Makeup Collection NARS Holiday 2011 Makeup Collection NARS Holiday 2011 Makeup Collection

Photo courtesy of NARS Cosmetics