Those who are longtime fans of MAC Cosmetics are fully aware of the fact that the company never lacks creativity in terms of new collections. In fact, this prolific attitude in terms of constantly coming up with new makeup choices is one of the characteristics that have set the company apart from many others. The new summer 2011 makeup collection from the brand, set to be released in July 2011, is certainly one that is worth remembering as it is one of the most fascinating collections of the season.

The grand diversity and beauty of gems, the strongest inspiration source for the collection, has truly a fabulous incentive as we can see by taking a quick glance. After getting seduced by the complexity of the Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Eyeshadows it seems that we will have the opportunity to experiment with even more completely fabulous multi-tonal eyeshadows that will give you the eye makeup look that you always dreamed of.

However, the blushes offered by the brand are equally impressive as they have much of the same wonderful characteristics that eye-shadows posses. In fact, it can be quite difficult to even distinguish between all the options available:

MAC Semi Precious Mineralize Blush ($23) Feeling Flush – a fab pink, deep blue pink and soft brown combo Warmth of Coral – a seductive peach and coral shade Pressed Amber – a flattering nude, beige and brown melange

MAC Semi Precious Mineralize Skinfinish($28) Semi precious pearl – a fab beige champagne with a white, plum, bronze circle Semi precious crystal pink – a pink champagne base with pink, mid tone green, bronze circle Semi precious rose quartz – a delicate rosy pink with interesting silver, lime, white pink copper on top

MAC Semi Precious Mineralize Blushes MAC Semi Precious Mineralize Skinfinish

MAC Semi Precious Mineralize Eyeshadow($19.50) Blue Sheen – a rad navy, black and peach combo Dark Indulgence – intriguing forest green and black tones Smokey Ruby – a classic burgundy and black tone Golden Glaze – a dramatic gold and black mix Rare Find – a trendy violet, brown and gold mixture Jade’s Fortune – a surprising bright yellow, blue, lime and black tone Hint of sapphire – an interesting mixture of pink violet, teal, copper, and blue Faux Gold – a deceiving coral, gold, lime and bronze blend Quartz Fusion – a feminine soft pink, silver and deep pink fusion Unsurpassable – a striking green, teal, purple, and copper hybrid Clarity – a pristine white, copper and grey mix Mineral Mode – a refined white, copper and grey tone

MAC Semi Precious Mineralize Eyeshadow MAC Semi Precious Mineralize Eyeshadow MAc Semi Precious Summer Brushes 2011

Because our lips are one of our most precious features, the latest MAC collection also features a series of limited edition lip glosses and lipsticks. The delicate, yet eye-catching tones are extremely alluring and will help you steal the spotlight in no time. Here are the fab tones that can compliment your lips:

Lipstick ($14.50) Lush Amber – Light Nude Beige Gem of Roses – Mid-tone Strawberry Pink One of a Kind – Mid-tone Rosy Neutral Musky Amethyst – Deep Plum

MAC Semi Precious Cremesheen Glass(18.50) Geo Pink – a cute strawberry pink tone Natural Flare – a discreet light caramel nude Pure Magnificence – a mesmerizing light grey pink Look Like Sin – a complex reddish plum hue Richly Revered – an opulent deep brown plum tone

MAC Semi Precious Cremesheen Glass and Lipsticks MAC Semi Precious Summer 2011 Skin Care

Aside from the marvelous shades, the collection also focuses on more functional makeup products that are perfectly suited for the hot season. Aside from a lightweight SatinFinish foundation ($35.50), the brand also offers Mineralize Charged Water($22), a hydrating mist that will instantly balance and replenish your complexion, helping you maintain a fab refreshed look all day long. The Mineralize Face & Body Lotion ($29.50) will also offer the much needed hydration your skin craves nourishing it.

Other interesting and noteworthy products you’ll be able to purchase for a limited time only once the line is launched are makeup brushes. They are: the 234 Split Fibre Eye Blending Brush ($22.50), the 235 Split Fibre All Over Eye Brush ($30), the 128 Split Fibre Cheek Brush ($32) and the 179 Angled Split Fibre Buffer Brush ($47).

Photo courtesy of MAC Cosmetics