It seems that cult-tastic makeup brand, MAC Cosmetics, has yet again come up with another great way to surprise its fans through what else than a brand new makeup collection for spring 2011 titled MAC Jeanius.

As the makeup collection’s name suggests, the line is inspired by the spring 2011 denim trends and suit the season’s textures and colors perfectly. You can observe a perfect combination of spring shades which are fun and in total balance with the latest makeup trends.

MAC Jeanius Spring 2011 Makeup Collection

The MAC Jeanius eyeshadows come in 4 fabulous shades featuring a jeans print design which looks adorable. The shades are all blue jeans inspired and come in the following shades:

Diva In Distress – a middle-tone gray with a silver pearl touch shaped as a metallic jeans snap

Motorhead – a middle-tone blue with a copper pearl touch shaped as a metallic jeans snap

Stove Pipe Black – a black/gray shade with a copper pearl touch shaped as a metallic jeans snap

White Jeanius – a white shade with a silver pearl touch shaped as a metallic jeans snap

MAC Jeanius Spring 2011 Makeup Collection

A lipstick should never miss from a woman’s makeup kit, so you definitely have to consider adding one of the following 3 lip color shades from the Jeanius makeup collection:

Acid Washed Grayish – a pearled beige

Pretty Please – a soft pink pearl shade

Riveting Rose Deep – a burgundy/violet pearled shade

MAC Jeanius Spring 2011 Lipglass

If lipsticks aren’t your thing, the Jeanius Lipglasses will surely win your heart! The MAC Jeanius glosses come in 3 univesally flattering shades:

Docile Chrome

Indigo Pink

Painted On

MAC Jeanius Sprign 2011 Blushes

MAC Jeanius Spring 2011 Nail Polishes

No makeup collection would be complete without blushers. The MAC Jeanius line comes with two lovely blushes:

Overdyed Bright – a magenta shade

Pink Cult – a lovely pale pink shade

MAC has also created two fabulous nail varnish shades which are meant to complete the collection and give you either a soft or a bold look. You can find the MAC Jeanius nail polishes in:

Biker Blue – a dark blue colored polish with pink and electric blue shimmers

Frayed-to-Order – a whitish pink nail polish with pearl shimmers

The Penultimate brow maker and eye liner in Rapidblack round out MAC’s new makeup line. The MAC Jeanius collection for spring 2011 looks amazing, so don’t hesitate to purchase your favorite products from the collection as most items are limited edition! The collection is available for purchase starting March 3rd , 2011.

Image courtesy of MAC Cosmetics