Makeup has an extremely important role in defining our features and, if done correctly, can even add a new dimension to our style. This crucial characteristic of makeup is exactly the focus of the newest makeup collection by MAC Cosmetics, adequately titled In Extra Dimension. Set to be released next month in North America and internationally in May, this limited edition collection features several alluring options worth considering for the latest season.

The very first focus in creating a fabulous look is definitely ensuring our skin is as well defined as possible. Aside from concealing not so perfect features, adding a slightly unexpected touch can certainly help you when standing out is your main concern. For this worthwhile beauty goal the well known brand has prepared three mesmerizing metallic tones in the Extra Dimension Skin Finish category:

Whisper of Gilt – soft white gold with shimmery sheen

Superb – peach nude with multi-dimensional shimmer

Glorify – copper golden shimmer


MAC In Extra Dimmension Makeup Collection MAC In Extra Dimension Makeup Collection MAC In Extra Dimmension Makeup Collection

With the skin adequately highlighted, moving on to highlight perhaps the most expressive part of our face, our eyes, is the only logical choice. And, because experimenting with color when trying to create an expressive look is recommended but also highly encouraged, the brand offers several attractive options worth considering. Metallic touches are highly valued in the latest collection, so the metallic finishes are the norm in the limited edition Extra Dimension Eyeshadow line:

Warm Thunder – mid-tone silver grey

Blue Orbit – light iridescent purple

Grand Galaxy – mid-tone violet

Lunar – royal blue

Havanna – mid-tone copper brown

Sweet Heat – bright peach champagne

Modern Pewter – mid-tone olive gold

Rich Core – mid-tone aubergine

Dark Dare – charcoal black

Young Venus – charcoal black

  Selecting the most mesmerizing tones for you is only half the battle as perfect application is the other key factor. For easier application the right brushes can make a world of difference. Those looking for the perfect brushes for the products in the collection should consider purchasing the 128 Split Fibre Cheek Brush and/or 234 Split Fibre Blending Brush.

MAC In Extra Dimension Makeup Collection

Photo courtesy of MAC Cosmetics