An ultra-flattering and glossy pout can always attract immediate attention. Whether you’re a fan of statement makeup designs or you wish to plump your lips just for the sake of complementing your overall look, using high class cosmetic formulas is the secret to ultimate success.

MAC invites you into the realm of glamorous beauty compositions that offer all beauty kittens the chance to master the art of highlighting feminine sensuality. The MAC Glam Glass collection for Fall 2011 is the perfect repertoire of shiny glosses and super-fine pencils everyone can use without any difficulties.

MAC Glamglass Collection Fall 2011 MAC Glamglass Collection Fall 2011

According to the company description we find out that, “Newly formulated, this super-silky gloss delivers the perfect amount of Knockout colour with its innovative new brush applicator. Encounter a Lasting Sensation of hypnotically intense, pure colour with a vividly alluring shine that leaves lips looking lush for hours. Mesmerizingly minimal, non-sticky texture feels comfortable… featherlight.”

Pamper your lips with the hottest lip gloss formulas and flip through the rich parade of hues you can choose from.

Glam Glass Lip Glosses

Casual Air Frosted (pale pink)

It’s a Wow (blue-pink “rose pink”)

Check This Out (Coral with yellow-pink pearl)

Rich & Witty (Neutral dirty pinked beige)

Comfort & Joy (frosted dirty mauve)

Famously Fab! (Purple-lavender, pearled)

Tour de Fabulous (Clean yellow pink with pearl)

Knockout (Red with pearl)

Style-Packed (vivid fuchsia)

Rich Bounty (red-brown with pearl)

Real Posh (berry, slightly pearled)

MAC Glamglass Collection Lip Glosses

The Lip Pencil collection is equally mesmerizing and will definitely tame our lusting after refined makeup products that allow us to juggle with the size and prominence of our lips. MAC offers the following description for these cosmetics: “Eight tantalizing Lip Pencil shade extensions round out a collection that positively whispers Embrace Me.”

Glam Glass Lip Pencils

What Comes Naturally (peachy beige)

Hip ‘n’ Happy (blue pink)

Have to Have It (soft warm beige)

Just Wonderful (dirty mauve)

Entertain Me (clearly orange)

Lasting Sensation (vibrant coral)

Embrace Me (radiant pinkish fuchsia)

Just My Type (deep warm brown)

MAC Glamglass Collection Fall 2011 Lip Pencils

Image courtesy of MAC Cosmetics