Women have understood the power of makeup since ancient times and nowadays with the amazing improvements brought to the cosmetic industry, choosing a makeup that not only provides professional results, but a flawless finish in addition to using skin beneficial formulas has proven itself to be quite a difficult task. However, with time, some brands have made it quite clear where they stand and only turn towards high-quality products which deliver full-proof results. One of these brands is MAC, a professional cosmetics brand which has managed to establish a rock-solid name on an international level as far as makeup products go. Check out their new MAC Flighty collection. Available in stores from May 5th, 2011 the MAC Flighty makeup collection will be a perfect addition to a summery, breezy makeup look suitable for the new season. With a light texture, the products will offer you a dreamy initiation into the fabulous world of colorful makeup, making you feel like you’re floating on feathers. The collection features sixteen fantastic eyeshadow pots which feature a creamy, easy to use and easy to build formula which creates a sheer to medium look that dazzles and a colorful mascara collection meant to complete your fresh look.

MAC Flighty Makeup Collection

MAC Flighty Big Bounce Cream Eyeshadows

These fab spongy watercolor whipped mousse cream eyeshadows look amazing and can easily be applied using your finger or a special eyeshadow brush. The fresh formulas ensure a lovely, light application that brights-up your look, so select the hues that suit you best. Use them individually or combine different hues for an amazing makeup look. Here are some of the upcoming hues:

Free as Air – a light blue

Spread the wealth – green

Rich, Sweet – chocolate taupe

Extra Charged – turquoise

Count your assets -rich purple

My next indulgence- deep green

Trophy – soft peach

Rich thrills – silver

Good Fortune- light pink

Sizzlin’ Diva – copper

Luxury touch – violet

Light cream

Chocolate gold

MAC Zoom Lash Mascara Flighty Collection

MAC Zoom Lash Mascara

One of the newest additions to MAC is the limited edition Zoom Lash Mascara, which comes in four gorgeous shades which will add depth and playfulness to your look. These mascaras are easy to use and will give your lashes a seductive touch of color, such as: gray, green, blue and purple.

Select your favorite products featured in the collection and create a seductive makeup look that suits your personality and skin tone perfectly.

Photo courtesy of MAC Cosmetics via live.love.laugh