One of the leading brands in cosmetics, MAC has decided to give creamy blushes another try by reinventing the product that they have earlier stopped producing. The MAC Cremeblend Blushes for spring 2011 are meant to help you define your cheekbones perfectly and naturally with the help of your favorite creamy shade. The collection’s new formula is supposed to make the product much pleasant to use than powdered blushes so give them a try!

Blushes have become an essential beauty item as they have the ability to transform your look by emphasizing the cheekbones. Although this might at first seem like a meaningless detail, the differences after application are highly visible. Blushes come in different shades and textures so every woman can find the perfect match for her skin tone and skin type.

Until now women used to turn towards powdered blushes for help as they were are are easier to apply, plus don’t have the sticky texture most crème blushes have. However MAC’s new Cremeblend blushes for spring 2011 are supposed to help you forget the existence of powdered blushes due to the incredible style and non-sticky formula developed.

The collection features several incredible looking blush shades which are replacing the previous Blushcremes which have been discontinued from production. The new shades and textures are created to suit all skin tones and can be found in:

So Sweet, So Easy- which is a bright colored yellowish pink

Something Special- which is a lovely light coral shade

Posey-which is a gorgeous warm tone peach shade

Ladybug- which is a lovely warm neutral coral

Brit Wit- has a lovely rosy-mauve tone

Tea Petal- which features a fabulous reddish-brown shade

These blushes can give you that spectacular glow your face need for different occasions, whether you’re planning on a natural makeup look or an old Hollywood glam one. Either way there is an option available for everyone, all you need to do is select the shades which complements your skin tone best. The new blush collection is set to be launched in March, 2011 so prepare yourself for when the products hit the shelves so you can give them a try!