The power of art and makeup has been carefully joined to deliver foolproof results, so check out MAC’s Art of Powder collection and enjoy art and color at the same time. The new collection was inspired by modern art movements and artists, so these characteristics have been visibly transposed into the design of the collection as well as in its colors. The world of color is amazing, so why not explore and find the best complimenting hues for your skin and personality.

This all powder makeup collection features all the essentials of your beauty kit, so enhance your natural beauty in an artistic manner with the help of MAC Art of Powder as makeup can also be a tool which you can use to demonstrate your talent. Discover the artist in you with the help of this amazingly detailed makeup collection and radiate style and individuality as the mix of colors featured empower creation.

MAC Art of Powder

MAC Art of Powder Highlighter An elaborate makeup which plays with lights and shadows can definitely underline your facial features and creates a spectacular look that draws all attention, so don’t hesitate to invest in some great products which will illuminate your complexion. MAC’s highlighter in In the Abstract can definitely bring out your complexion as the soft pink base with yellow gold streaks and purple and pink dots suit most skin tones and instantly brighten the look.

MAC Art of Powder EyeshadowEye makeup has become a definite must for every true fashionista, so make sure you glam up and make the best out of your eyes using color. Makeup should be fun, so don’t hesitate to make the best out of your makeup. MAC’s new eyeshadow palette demonstrates in the most creative manner the beauty of color, so use the palette to boost the beauty of your eyes. Street Art features an artful graffiti color mix of light brown, white, light cool blue, warm orange, pastel pink and pastel blue, a mix that you can use to create various hot and fabulous makeup looks.

MAC Art of Powder Collection

MAC Art of Powder Collection

MAC Art of Powder Collection

MAC Art of Powder Bronzer Explore the wonderful world of lights and shadows so you can place an accent on your best facial features. A bronzer adds that gorgeous glow to your skin, so create a breathtaking look with the Optical bronzer from MAC. The color mix features bronze with gold pearl and neon pink with gold pearl displayed in fine lines for that perfect dose of hotness for your skin.

Photos courtesy of MAC