Topshop has recognized the value of collaborating with other creative minds early on and produced many fashionable and covetable goods that proved massive successes. In the beauty area however, the brand proved much more conservative, however the Louise Grey collaboration changed it all. The new makeup collection was greatly anticipated and now it’s finally here for us to see whether it was worth the wait. Unlike many lines which choose to stay on the safe side, the new offerings are not designed with this idea in mind. Here’s what you can indulge in:

Cheek Duo in Up In The Air By Louise Gray ($24) To get a gorgeous look, it’s imperative to handle the makeup basics with care. Sculpting your cheekbones is a key step in achieving the perfect makeup look. For creating a flattering impression the brand offers a playful cream blush duo to use together or separately for a fabulous look.

Eye Cream Duo in Wave Machine By Louise Gray ($16) Creative ultra seductive eye makeup look with these sophisticated and interesting cream eye-shadows. Have fun experimenting and play with different dramatic touches for a more interesting overall effect. Sophisticated or modern and fun. The choice is yours.

Eye Palette in Blink By Louise Gray ($24) If you like highly pigmented eye-shadows rather than softer toned ones, you’ll love the four tones included in this palette. These tones are perfect for creating an intense look that will instantly mesmerize. Bold yet classy, these versatile tones can be used to get a variety of interesting effects.

Louise Gray x Topshop Makeup Collection Louise Gray x Topshop Makeup Collection

Glitter Pots in Peacock By Louise Gray($16) Remember how we told you the new collection aims to stay away from safe, plain choices? Well, the glitter pots are the perfet reflection of this fun idea. Filled with loose circle and heart shaped holographic glitter, these options for face and body will certainly ensure that your presence will be a memorable one.

Mascara in There And Black By Louise Gray($20) No matter what makeup style you decide to adopt, you’ll certainly benefit from making your eyelashes stand out. The new volumizing mascara from the label not only emphasizes them but also separates them for a more flattering look, regardless of the occasion.

Liquid Eye Liner in Intensify By Louise Gray($16) To reveal you inner party girl you can definitely benefit from choosing this trendy eye-liner in metallic blue. This ultra long wearing and versatile liner will have you looking spectacular every single time.

Lipstick($20) For kissable lips, try one of these fashionable lipsticks with a beautiful velvety finish. Go for a Mexican Wave or become a beauty Legend with these interesting tones. Wear it alone or add lip gloss for a more refined allure.

Makeup bags Don’t settle for any ordinary makeup bag for storing your carefully chosen favorite beauty products. Opt for a Large Make Up Bag by Louise Gray ($30), a fashionable medium sized one($24) or choose a stylish Lipstick Case ($16) for your most powerful beauty weapons.

Brush Set By Louise Gray($64) Apply makeup like a pro with the helpful brush set put together by the label which contains powder, blush, foundation eyeshadow and liner brushes for ensuring you have everything you need to create the best version of you. Purchase these fab products online or at Topshop stores.

Louise Gray x Topshop Makeup Collection Louise Gray x Topshop Makeup Collection Louise Gray x Topshop Makeup Collection

Photo courtesy of Topshop