LORAC, a recognizable name in the makeup industry has managed to come-up with a fab new makeup collection for the 2011 summer season. Created by famous makeup artist Carol Shaw, LORAC (which stands for Carol only spelled backwards) has been designed to provide the benefits of a fab makeup while still caring for the skin and providing a natural finish.

Because Carol herself grew up loving makeup and because she observed that not all makeup products benefit the skin, she decided to take matters into her own hands and set out to develop a line of products which looked and felt fabulous on the skin, using the purest and the mildest ingredients available. LORAC is a brand which managed to put two of the most important standards in makeup, care and color, on the first place, so give their products a try and enhance your natural beauty for a mesmerizing look. Check out the hot LORAC summer 2011 makeup line titled Touch Me, Tease Me, Tantalize Me!

LORAC TANtalEYES Palette Earthy tones are fabulous and can do wonders for the skin especially if you’ve got a subtle tan. The shimmery hues featured in the TANtalEYES makeup palette can help in adding that celebrity glam to your look, so combine these four fab hues for a remarkable appearance. These shimmering hues are mineral infused and feature a high-pigmented baked look for a fab and easy application which provides long lasting effects. Use these hues to create a sultry eye makeup look that will definitely make heads turn.

LORAC selfTANTALIZER Bronzed skin is in and with the new selfTANTALIZER, a body bronzing gradual self tanner, obtaining a gorgeous golden-tan has never been easier. The product contains DHA to ensure a safe and natural gradual skin coloration. The Camu Camu, Maracuja and Pomegranate seed oils help the skin maintain a natural smoothness while offering protection from free-radicals. With a fabulous vanilla scent, this tanner will most definitely be a secret to keep in your beauty kit.

LORAC Hot Off the Red Carpet Collection This limited edition makeup collection provides all your beauty essentials for a spectacular summery look. Create a sun-kissed, goddess look using the new fab collection which contains 2 exclusive, color coordinated eyeshadow duos, an exclusive TANtalizer Baked Bronzer, a full size Multiplex 3D lipgloss in 3D and a fab Gold Blingy Bag that can be worn as a fab glam clutch.

LORAC’s treatment-based makeup is filled with plant extracts, skin rejuvenators and conditioners which will help you receive that professional finish look that dazzles, so give the collection a try and bring out the goddess in you.