Launch your quest for the perfect power pout for the warm season. Think big and widen the color palette you’re working with, using as the best source of inspiration some of the most fanciful and fantastic beauty lines of the moment. The Lime Crime Pop Romance spring 2011 makeup collection includes the hottest lipstick shades that could inject some interest in your new season appearance.

Tricky hues as these bold and neon tones will scream for attitude. Learn the art of mix/matching the different colors to find the ideal eye makeup design for your tinted lips. The name Pop Romance given to the collection tells about the color palette that takes us back into the Disco era, when there were hardly any limitations in color use. Turn back in time and bring out your Pop goddess spirit with these chic and pretty pouches.

 Lime Crime Pop Romance Spring 2011 Lipsticks

The most impressive beauty brands as Lime Crime Makeup manage to provide us with a sight-pampering and glam cosmetic line. Besides the unearthly shades, we are granted also with a creamy formula that allows the textbook style application. Spare yourself from any blunders by paying special attention to the lipstick textures you opt for.

The lipsticks included in the Pop Romance collection will not dry your lips and can guarantee the long-lasting effect of your pouch regardless of external conditions that could ruin your makeup. The bright purple tube is the trademark symbol of the Lime Crime brand. Thanks to the bright packaging, the lipsticks will definitely catch our eyes when trawling the stores for our dream pouch.

 Lime Crime Pop Romance Spring 2011 Lipsticks

The brand new shades that popped up on the market from the Pop Romance lipsticks collection are:

Mint To Be: The pastel mint-green shade is perfect to nail down a bright and runway-inspired radiant makeup style.

Coquette: The Pale pinky nude shade is the flirty hue you were lusting after all throughout the cold season. Cheer up your dainty features with this chic pouch.

New Yolk City: Banana Yellow is the name of the game this season. Learn how to rock out the bold and beautiful 2011 makeup trends to provide your admirers with the best blueprint of a professionally inspired makeup look.

Image courtesy of Lime Crime Makeup