Get the ultimate party look with the help of the fab liquid eyeliner collection signed Lime Crime. The growing label is known for its penchant for bright, vivid hues that scream ‘look at me’ and this collection is no different from what we’ve expected. The new season is all about color and what better way to underline your flawless, feminine features than through wonderful, colored makeup products. Eyeliners have become definite beauty must haves for women who wish to define their eyes to perfection and give them an unforgettable, mysterious and sexy allure, and now if you wish to add edginess to these characteristics, you can easily do so by experimenting with all 7 richly pigmented liquid eyeliners signed Lime Crime.

The brand concentrates on bringing fabulous pigments and high quality formulas to the makeup scene, so the eyeliners are not only intense but feature a non-smudge formula that delivers instant results that last for hours. Graphic lines will now pose no challenge when it comes to defining your eyes like a true pro due to the precision brush that enables a ‘razor-sharp’ application with each stoke, so even if you’re a newbie at creating fab statement eye makeup looks using eyeliner, you’ll have a blast perfecting your look.

The collection features 7 new fab eyeliner hues which can be purchased individually or as a complete collection, so browse through the must have items and determine which option suits your needs. The collection features the following hues:

Quill – shiny black

Orchidaceous – violet-purple

Lunar Sea – pure white

Citreuse – yellow-green

6th Element – orange

Blue Milk – pale sky blue

Lazuli – bright blue

Give the fab pigmented eyeliners a try and wear them individually or combined over your bare eyelid or over your favorite eyeshadow hue as the possibilities when it comes to makeup are endless and with various cool colored eyeliners to choose from, enhancing the beauty of your eyes will now be a breeze!

Photos courtesy of Lime Crime Makeup