It’s never been easier to accentuate your beauty as cosmetics labels have been eager to create the perfect makeup collection for years and each time the massive amount of innovative textures and hues provide the abundance of options that you can turn to and look amazing. Lime Crime is one of the brands that captured our attention from first glimpse. This summer, the makeup brand seems to have strayed away from the path most makeup designers took this season with their collections and decided to go full on ‘mermaidelicious’ with their new palette. Lime Crime mixes quality with intense pigments that are bound to steal the spotlight with maximum color payoff.

Lime Crime’s latest must-have is the Aquataenia mermaid-inspired makeup palette with fab pearlescent pigments that mesmerize from first glimpse. The shimmering pigments that are “reminiscent of a mermaid’s tail under the moonlight” deliver instant intense results, so use the following hues to create an array of fabulous makeup looks that make you feel like a true diva by blending your fav pigments:

Nautilus Prime – blurple (shimmer/sparkle)

Coral of the Story – true coral (shimmer/sparkle)

Seahorse Discourse – tropical green (shimmer/sparkle)

Pearl-ple – pearlescent lilac (shimmer/sparkle)

Atlanteal – seafoam blue/green (shimmer/sparkle

Sparkly, glam eyelids are definitely not for everyone as they require a high dose of confidence to work their magic best, so make sure you rock this combo by wearing the color mixes that you feel comfortable in as the 5 pearlescent provide numerous styling options. Keep your eyelids mono chromatic or mix and match two or even all five hues to underline your uniqueness and bring out your inner mermaid as Lime Crime’s Aquataenia deluxe palette ($34.99) offers the perfect tool to a fun, flirty and bright summer look.

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