Chanel has always been a representative brand of luxury and high quality and their latest makeup collection is not of the less pretentious. High quality, inspirational products that enhance femininity have always been a magnet for attention and the latest collection titled Les Aquarelles de Chanel is all about the perfect romantic makeup.

The inspiration behind this makeup collection is a watercolor portrait of Gabrielle Chanel that Marie Laurentin created in 1920. The soft pinks merging with ivory and soft grey look amazing, so check out the new collection and accentuate features so you can look absolutely breathtaking at any day to evening event. The color black brings a touch of seductive mystery to the scene, so dare to be beautiful by using the most amazing makeup hues.

Exuding warmth and youth the collection is just a pleasure to watch, shimmery, iridescent hues play and collaborate to enhance natural beauty, so take a peek at the products featured in the collection and select your must haves as makeup can indeed be your most trustworthy friend.

OMBRES TISSÉES Make the best out of your eyes and cheeks with this breathtaking graduating color palette. The shimmering beiges blend harmoniously to give the cheeks and the eyes an iconic tweed effect. Luminous yet not overwhelming, the limited edition case will be the most treasured piece in your makeup kit.

JOUES CONTRASTE Give your cheeks a natural, romantic feel with the help of this easy to use silk textured powdered blush which looks like an infusion of pink roses. The Pink Cloud hue is lightweight and natural soft pink, while the Rose Pétale is a peach-rose, so you can look picture perfect every moment of the day.

OMBRE ESSENTIELLE GRIS EXQUIS Give your eyes a touch of mystery by creating a smokey eye makeup or adding the right shadows to your lid with the wonderful and versatile Gris Exquis eyeshadow hue. The limited edition dove grey looks amazing and is a perfect match for any romantic look.

ROUGE COCO SHINE A lip color will always be a beauty booster, so don’t overlook the importance of a gorgeously tinted lipstick. Chanel created the Rouge Coco Shine Hydrating Sheer Lipshine for the pure romantic at heart who wants that natural seductive lip stain that moisturizes while seducing. The lipstick comes in a rosy hue, Royallieu, which compliments all skin tones perfectly.

STYLO YEUX WATERPROOF Stylo Yeux Waterproof is a definite must if you want to add more dimension to your eyes. The waterproof formula offers long lasting results for a day to evening flawless appearance. The pencil soft texture enables you to create amazing details with great precision, so make the best out of your eyes with the Ebene (ebony) hue. To sharpen your pen easily and instantly, the Stylo Yeux has a built-in sharpener at the opposite end.

LE VERNIS Give your nails a touch of color, a seductive color boost with the Tendresse nail polish in a lovely soft pink color that suits all occasions. The state-of-the-art formula strengthens and moisturizes the nails, so you end-up with a lovely, chip resistant nail color that doesn’t harm your precious nails.

Photos courtesy of Chanel