The Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Color range brings 15 amazing tones with a new and improved formula. Though thinking about fall clothes seems unnatural at this point, fall makeup lines are somewhat different as they feature more versatile options. This is also the case with the new Laura Mercier fall 2013 lipstick range which brings a new formula that is 100% wax-free. The new lipsticks promise to deliver an intense, long-lasting color that feels weightless on the lips.

Not only that, but the new Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau fall 2013 lipsticks also help nourish the lips while making them look ultra sexy thanks to their non-drying formula. Even those with allergies or sensitive skin can enjoy the new tones as the new options are suitable for all skin types and have been dermatologically and allergy tested. A smooth texture, ensures the product applies evenly with just one swipe. The new options come in three finishes: matte, crème and sheer.

To make the process of selection a little easier, the label has come up with a simple yet genius solution: naming their lips according to the finish they offer. This means that if you’re on the look for sexy alternatives with a matte finish, you’ll want to choose between the options that start with “M”, “C” for a luminous crème finish or “S” for a sheer finish and a natural allure. Doesn’t it make the process a little easier? Choose between these cool Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Colour ($24 tones for the new season:

Laura Mercier Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lipsticks

Muse – brick redMyth – plum roseMod – coral redMoi – redMink – brick redMalt – dirty roseCafe – rose nudeCoy – pink nudeCozy – plum brownChic – berry pinkShy – baby pinkSexy – rose redSin – plumStar – pale brick redSilk – pink rose

Found one or more tones you’d like to try? That won’t be a problem as you don’t have to wait for early autumn days to put the shades to the test as the new Laura Mercier fall 2013 Rouge Nouveau Weightless Lip Color line is already available for purchase on the retailer’s official website.

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Photos: Laura Mercier