It seems that Lancome has managed to create a fabulous makeup collection for the spring 2011 season, and it was named Ultra Lavande. The name of the collection stands for the makeup shades used, in which lavender and pink dominate.

This is a very soft and feminine makeup collection so it is perfect for women who want to use makeup to enhance their natural beauty. Makeup is truly a girls best friend and the Lancome Ultra Lavande makeup collection can definitely demonstrate this.

The makeup collection, which was created by Aaron May and it is an absolute delight. One of the makeup items which manages to stand out from the collection is the blush which features a lovely butterfly pattern design on the product. The La Rose Butterfly blush looks fabulous and it is a mix of different shades: pink, lavender, violet and peach, which can be used to brighten up the complexion as it is created mostly out of mineral powder.

The Glossary Touch Absolute Lipstick has a n incredibly stylish appearance, the mirror facets creating a certain disco-glam look which is adorable. The lipstick is available in 3 fabulous shades:

Lily Rose

Daisy Rose

Berry Rose

When it comes to eye beauty, one can definitely opt for the fabulous powdered eyeshadows which come in three fabulous shades Disco Gold, Silver and Ultra Lavande. The Ombre Magnetique collection is perfect for the days in which you wish to shine!

To add more eye definition one can definitely opt for the following eye makeup products which are a must when it comes to makeup. The Kohl Eyeliner look amazing and it can be found in three fabulous shades such as:


Pink Ballerina


The Artliner Gel Eyeliner is meant to give you a fabulous eye contour and it is available in one shade: Ultra Lavande.

The lip gloss collection named Ballerina Color Fever Gloss Natural Origin are fabulous and created almost entirely out of natural products. You can find these fabulous glosses in 3 shades:

Beige Ballerine

Lavander Rose

Ballerine Ballerine

For your nails, as your manicure can also play a very important role when it comes to beauty the collection presents Le Vernis which are available in 2 fabulous shades:

Disco Silver

Ultra Lavande

The Lancome Ultra Violet makeup collection for spring 2011 is absolutely fabulous so don’t hesitate to use it to enhance your natural beauty!