Makeup plays a very important role when it comes to beauty as its effects can be extraordinary if the right makeup is applied according to the persons face shape, skin tone and facial features. Along time a variety of makeup products have been developed, in a variety of shades and this means one can definitely benefit from variety when it comes to makeup products. Jill Stuart is one designer which has managed to leave her print over the makeup industry and the Jill Stuart spring 2011 makeup collection is absolutely adorable. The collection was named Innocent Sexy and it is a perfect name for it due to the colors and designs used.

The girly style of the Jill Stuart spring 2011 Innocent Sexy makeup collection is given though the lovely bright colors used; a lot of pink shades! These shades can help soften the look of anyone and the shades suit most skin tones. If you love adopting a soft and feminine look that enhances your sensuality in the most innocent manner, this makeup collection is definitely for you. The designs used for this makeup collection create a very glamorous look, a look given by the lovely silver casings which look like crystal.

The Innocent Sexy makeup collection signed Jill Stuart is created using the help of the following products: -Jill Stuart Lip Jewel- in warm pink -Duo Blush Blossom- which features two lovely shades of pink- one light and one brighter -Deep Charm Pallet- which features 4 lovely eyeshadows; two pink shades and two browns -Quadra Cheek Color Palette- which features 4 lovely blush shades which you can mix -Nail Color- in 3 fabulous shades

If you love makeup and adore adopting a sensual and feminine soft look don’t hesitate to make the Jill Stuart spring 2011 Innocent Sexy makeup collection a part of your beauty kit. The collection will be launched in Japan on January 11, 2011.

Photos courtesy of Jill Stuart