Japan is recognized for its special approach to fashion and this also applies to Japanese cosmetics. You’ll be surprised by these people’s imagination when it comes to beauty products. We certainly were!

Japanese Mascaras

You should know that Japanese mascaras feature one of the longest wear formulas, this is why some American cosmetic companies have signed important contracts and repackaged Japanese products to sell them at Sephora (e.g. FairyDrops). You can however save yourself some money and buy those Japanese cosmetics that haven’t been repackaged yet, products such as Heroine Make Long & Curl. This great mascara provides you a great lift and volume. You’ll look just like the beautiful Snow White with her perfect long dark eyelashes. All you have to do is to apply two coats of mascara and you’re ready to go.

Japanese Mascara

Moreover, this mascara is also very persistent, so you don’t have to worry about it, however, when it comes to the makeup removal part, you should try using a two-phase makeup remover and not just plain water.

Japanese Cleansing Oil

Another great product for your skin care routine is cleansing oil. DHC’s Cleansing Oil will emulsify quickly after you add water. When applied to the face, the cleansing oil will become a creamy and smooth cleanser that’s perfect for makeup removal. Just a few splashes of water and cleanser and your skin can breathe again! 

Asian cosmetic specialists suggest using a cleansing oil or milk to remove the makeup residues fist. They are against American makeup remover wipes because they consider them too harsh on the skin and usually contain alcohol.

Japanese Facial Cleanser And Mask

Japanese Collagen Facial Masks

Japanese women love home beauty treatments, so facial masks are a must in your daily skin care routine. We recommend Kracie Hadabisei Collagen Facial Masks. You can find them in any Asian drugstore and they come in different varieties. Also, we’d like to point out the difference between these masks and the US ones. 

Unlike the American facials that come in a tube, Japanese masks are individually wrapped cotton sheets that are soaked in emulsion. They also have holes for eyes, nose and lips. You can simply apply the cool sheet on your face and the emulsion will soak directly into your pores. Leave the mask sit for about 15 minutes to let the ingredients soak in and work their magic. In the end, your face will look smoother and radiant.

Japanese Facial Wash Products

Shiseido Perfect Whip Foam

We simply love Shiseido Perfect Whip. This is a very light cleanser that won’t make your skin drier by stripping it of its natural oils. It’s perfect for removing your makeup. This great Japanese beauty product has a fluffy texture, so that it resembles whipped cream. Once you add water, it will transform into soft foam that’s not excessively soapy.

Crazy Japanese Products

Japanese Anti-Aging Stretcher Face Sauna

Japanese Age Ru Face Maker

One of the craziest Japanese skin care products is the Age-ru Face Maker. It’s perfect for bath or shower and it will tighten up your face making it look younger. Use it for 10 minutes a day and you’ll soon notice the difference. This mask will help stretch the skin and make it sweat  due to its texture and design. In the end, it helps you combat the signs of aging.

Japanese Dual Roller Platinum Body Massager

Japanese Dual Roller Platinum Body Massager

This Japanese cosmetics product features two rollers that can be bent to different angles to enable various body areas to be massaged. These rollers can be spread into a v-shape which is perfect for doing the neck or face as they can massage both sides at once or, you can choose to put the rollers together and massage your stomach and back.

This massage tool will help you fight wrinkles and aching muscles just by spending 3 minutes a day taking care of the parts of your face and body you’re interested in maintaining youthful-looking.

Japanese Sleeping Anti-Wrinkle Pad

Japanese Sleeping Anti Wrinkle Pad

This Japanese beauty product was developed by plastic surgeon Dr. Fukuoka, and it provides you with gentle pressure on your chin during the night. The effect: tighter skin around your neck.

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Photos: Japan Trend Shop, Amazon