The Hong Kong de Chanel spring 2013 makeup collection has arrived and ladies, the new limited edition products will get you gasping for air as their beauty is just breathtaking! Modern and totally elegant, the new Chanel makeup collection took its inspiration from the beauty of the lights of Hong Kong reflecting in the waters of the China Sea and it seems that the brand’s makeup design team captured the essence of the scintillating lights faultlessly.

The pretty pigments and deluxe formulas were spiced up with an infusion of metallic, light-reflecting particles that add a mesmerizing glow to your look. The shades chosen are uber-popular this year, ranging from lights to deep, pigments that compliment all skin tones. So check out the new Chanel makeup products and see if you can resist the beauty of the exclusive designs as the following products are featured in the collection:

Hong Kong de Chanel Ombres Matelassées

Chanel Ombres Matelassées ($80)

This is the ultimate Chanel eye makeup palette to own this spring as the 5 eyeshadow colors can be mixed to add depth and dimension to your gaze by playing with lights and shadows. All of the five pigments are infused with ultra-fine shimmering gold particles and display the brand’s iconic quilted pattern so you can boost your beauty in style. Their soft powdery texture makes them super easy to use and to top it all, the darker eyeshadow pigments can also be used as eyeliners, so put your makeup skills to the test and give your peepers an irresistible allure.

Hong Kong de Chanel Spring 2013 Makeup Collection Hong Kong de Chanel Spring 2013 Makeup Collection

Chanel Le Vernis ($30)

Looking fabulous from top to toe has never been easier as Chanel created two new limited edition nail lacquers to go with the eye color palette featured in the collection as well as an array of ensembles that were featured on the runway this spring. The state-of-the-art formula used in the creation process of these Chanel nail polishes helps strengthen and moisturize the nail all while delivering a flawless, high shine color that lasts. Give the following Hong Kong de Chanel nail polishes a try as they’re both hot, hot, hot!

Western Light – a deep chocolate with pearl red at heart

Eastern Light – bold opaque white

Hong Kong de Chanel Spring 2013 Makeup Collection

The Hong Kong de Chanel makeup collection for spring 2013 is already available for purchase, so grab on to your fave shades as these pigments will probably fly off the shelves!

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