Make-up, fragrance, shoes, handbags, umbrellas, alarm clocks, jewelery boxes,travel sets… the list of Hello Kitty inspired products seems almost never-ending. Still, fans of the beloved symbol cannot help but cave in to its irresistible cuteness and come back for more and retailers are more than eager to please their customers. In honor of the world renowned symbol, the Liberty London brand has decided to create a retro makeup collection for the ultimate beauty indulgence.

As expected, admirers of the pretty feline will have to act quickly if they wish to add these fabulous products to their collection. The collection, which will include lip glosses, eyeshadow, mini mascara, cosmetic purse, body sprays and body scrubs will be available starting with September 26. The Liberty Art Fabrics, a collection which will also launch at the same time will be available for two weeks only, apparently.

 Hello Kitty x Liberty London Makeup Collection

What to expect from the latest Hello Kitty inspired collection? Well, seductive yet subtle lip gloss shades, summery and fun eyeshadow tones and, of course uber creative packaging with purple and pink tones and stylish prints. Unfortunately, no details have been released about what the price range for these cosmetics will be, yet we are sure that this detail won’t act as a deterrent for the fans’ purchasing decision. With the popularity of the beloved symbol we can safely assume that the cosmetics range will literally fly off the shelves.

But the good news for the fans of the beloved character don’t end here. The brand is actually planning to expand the line of Hello Kitty products and will be releasing a host of different types of products which are set to be launched worldwide in 2012, so there’s certainly a good reason to keep an eye on the brand for the latest updates on the exciting project. The brand’s official website, or the company’s Facebook page are worth checking out if any of the products presented have caught your eye.

Photo courtesy of Liberty London