Practical meets old time glamor in the recent makeup collection by one of the most highly acclaimed beauty brands of the moment, Guerlain. It seems that creative directors are often inspired by the good old days when coming up with the idea of a lipstick without a protective cap.

However, this time, as we find out from the press release, “While searching through the immense Guerlain archives, Olivier Échaudemaison found a small Art Deco wonder created in 1936 that captured his attention: the original “Rouge Automatique.” Though the legendary lipstick’s craftsmanship and hand finishes were commonplace at the time, the lipstick packaging was a revolution in itself with its single hand push to reveal luxurious color. Olivier now reinterprets Rouge Automatique for the 21st century – re-innovating the piece as the first lipstick without a cap and with an application technique requiring only a single hand.”

 Guerlain Rouge Automatique Spring 2011 Lipsticks

Besides the fabulous and extremely functional packaging, we have the chance to spot a wide and glam collection of lipstick shades, including no less than 25 hues ready to be launched on the beauty market. The Guerlain Rouge Automatique Spring 2011 lipstick collection as Olivier Échaudemaison claims is “created for a mischievous and stylish woman. In one flick of a finger, she reveals the lipstick that will embellish her smile and make her glow with radiance.”

Is this what you were looking for all these years? Then make sure you take a peek at the color palette as well as the innovative formula the Guerlain brand offers for the blooming season beauty wave.

Second-Skin Texture: The hyper-refined composition of these lipsticks includes sensory oils and waxes. These ingredients will make the application easier and more efficient. The sensory film included in the product becomes one with your skin, providing the lips perfect coverage and the wearer a comfortable experience.

 Guerlain Rouge Automatique Spring 2011 Lipsticks

Boosted Colours: Makeup artists at Guerlain swear by the miraculous effect of Cristal Pigments. Using a similar ingredient they are able to bring out the most of the various shades. Luminous beiges and bright pinks are some of the fabulous results of their creative work.

Long-Lasting Hold: For a fail-proof makeup looks use these lipsticks specially designed to hold even in the harshest conditions. The formulas includes a complex of oil and resin which enhanced the sparkling effect and natural shine of the shades.

The colors included in the collection are:

Unforgettable Beiges: Apres l’Ondee, Voilette de Madame, Ne M’Oubliez Pas, Chant d’Aromes, Jicky, Vol de Nuit.

 Guerlain Rouge Automatique Spring 2011 Lipsticks

Passionate Reds: Coque d’Or, Rouge d’Enfer, Liu, Habit Rouge, Samsara, Vega.Flamboyant Oranges: Mitsouko, Quand Vient l’Ete, Fleur de Feu, Nahema.Loving Pinks: Bal de Mai, Cherry Blossom, Bloom of Rose, Rose Bengale, Chamade, Champs-Elysees, Shalimar, Guet-Apens, L’Heure Bleue.

Image courtesy of Guerlain