Givenchy seems to be aiming everything towards creating an all glam makeup collection that will sparkle as stars in the clear sky at midnight. The newest addition to the Givenchy label is the ‘Nuit Celeste’ makeup collection destined for the 2011 holiday season.

The power of makeup has been well established, so no wonder that cosmetic labels have entered a fierce battle in climbing the top with amazing, high quality and innovative products. Givenchy is known for distributing a high amount of attention to quality and detail, and this combo paved the way towards world recognition for the label.

Givenchy Holiday 2011 Makeup

Givenchy Nuit Celeste Holiday Makeup Collection 2011

Shimmer is the buzzword when it comes to this collection and this gives the collection an incredible boost of seductiveness. Shine like a true star with the following Givenchy Nuit Celeste products:

L’Or Celeste Give your skin a healthy, glam glow with the L’Or Celeste loose powder featuring a soft golden shimmer packed in a fab boudoir style atomizer bottle. Use it on your complexion as a highlighter or on your skin to give it that sexy glow that steals the attention.

L’Ombre Noire Create a sultry eye makeup with Givenchy’s multi-purpose eye shadow, a black powdery texture product that can be applied on your eyes for a smoked up effect, as an eyeliner for a sultry subtle look or as a brown powder that will make your eyebrows pop. Apply it dry for a subtler effect or wet for a dramatic look that will surely not go by unnoticed.

Phenomen’eyes Mascara The innovative mascara featuring a spiky, ball shaped brush is now even more fabulous as it features 3 new amazing sparkle hues that will make your eyes look phenomenal. The sparkly formula adds even more sexiness to your lashes, so opt for the perfect match for you:

Black Sparkles

Plum Sparkles

Gold Sparkles

Givenchy Nuit Celeste Holiday Makeup Collection 2011

Givenchy Nuit Celeste Holiday Makeup Collection 2011

Prisme Yeux Mono Give your eyes an unforgettable sparkle with Givenchy’s Prisme mono eyeshadow in gold, a shimmery eyeshadow that covers the eyelid like liquid gold. The powder textuer ensures an easy and flawless application, so use the Or Ceeleste no. 20 eye shadow to enhance your eyes to perfection.

Rouge Interdit This year, nothing says glamor and femininity more than a fab lip color and Givenchy’s lip tint proposition for the holiday season and not only is dark red. Go bold and test the limits with this luscious lipstick in Rouge Céleste no. 53.

Gelée d’Interdit Two amazing shimmery lip glosses are available, hues that will surely stop traffic. Pass the limits of imagination with your beauty by using these shimmery lip gelées in:

Celestial Black no.2

Or Céleste no.16

Vernis Please Your nails will surely beg for this amazing color as black and sparkle nail polishes are timeless and will always make your nails grab all the attention. Well polished nails are not a caprice anymore but a must have, so spice up your nails with Givenchy’s Vernis Please in Noir Celeste.

Photos courtesy of Givenchy