This spring as the Creative Director of Armani, Linda Cantello, claims they used shades as silver, green as well as purple and blue and for the cheeks they decided to go for for lighter tones. For an extra glam factor the company asked the supernatural-beauty Megan Fox to promote the complete collection. The Giorgio Armani Transluminence spring 2011 makeup is perfect if you wish to enhance your look with a tint of mysterious and subtle elegance. Radiant shades combined with the classy smokey eye look will turn this collection into one of the most sought-after makeup palettes of the season.

The Creative Director of Armani cosmetics also claims that the main inspiration behind the Transluminence set is: “Imagine the richest purple and the deepest green both enlivened by a frozen silver. A soft black completes the palette, to be worn alone as liner or to add depth to smoky eyes. Freshened by the softest baby lips, a beautiful frosty blush completes this new way of facing spring in the depths of winter.” Those who are mesmerized and also intrigued by the latest makeup collections of 2011 will have the privilege to take a closer look at the unique elements of the Giorgio Armani Transluminence collection.

The Transluminence Collection includes:

-An Eyeshadow Palette with shades as: iris purple, jungle green, melting snow as well as carbon black. -The Translucent Pale Pink Powder -Giorgio Armani Sheer Blush of a pale pink shade -Waterproof Eyeliners in: Classic Black, Modern Brown and Grass Green -Lip Balms in: Dawn Pink (518), Petal Pink(503) and Early Morning Rose (508).

Choose the best makeup kit for springy days and make sure you combine the most flattering shades and textures to create memorable and refined looks.

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