This summer perfectly polished lips are a definite must as is naturalness, so make sure you combine the two by carefully selecting your new season lip color palette as there are plenty of options out there to choose from, one of them being Giorgio Armani’s Skin Lacquers lip color collection created with the summer of 2012 in mind. The collection features both lipsticks and lip glosses in the hottest nude tones combined with a new formula that aims to give irresistible results.

This summer you don’t have to go over the top with makeup to look hot, you can go fresh faced and opt for a skin illuminator and tinted lips, as this combo is known for its stunning results. The softest touch of color that caresses your lips can have amazing beauty boosting properties, so make sure you use the highest quality products you can afford and the trendiest hues that complement your skin.

The brand’s newest lip color collection premièrs new shades of Rouge D’Armani Sheers Skin Lacquers which offer a translucent finish with a lightweight feel while the Gloss D’Armani Skin Lacquers delivers a sheer, glass-like finish that will mesmerize from first glimpse. The following shades are featured in the collection:

Giorgio Armani Rouge DArmani Sheers Skin Lacquers Giorgio Armani Rouge DArmani Sheers Skin Lacquers

Rouge D’Armani Sheers Skin Lacquers ($30) Apart from the perfect sheer coverage the formula provides, the lipsticks also feature the brand’s innovative Color-Fil moisture technology that moisturizes the lips without making them feel sticky. Chic, lightweight and natural, the lipsticks are definitely worth a try, so test the following hues to find your perfect match:

200 Terra

201 Boudoir

202 Dolce

503 Blush

504 Cult

505 Dewy

Giorgio Armani Gloss DArmani Skin Lacquers Gloss D

Gloss D’Armani Skin Lacquers ($28) Give your lips a glass-like finish fit for a porcelain-doll look with the help of these fab lip glosses spiked with fine pear pigments that reflect light to give a dewy finish to your lips. Smooth and with a sheer finish, the glosses come in the following hues, so pick your best match:

514 Petal

513 Roseperla

515 Vintage

516 Coral

517 Hot

518 Rosewood

The collection is already available for purchase, so give these new lip color products a test and find out if they rise up to your expectations. Photos courtesy of Giorgio Armani Beauty