The new season is bringing into attention an array of highly pigmented makeup products that aim to accentuate beauty, and one of the labels that has captured attention by creating a collection that is concentrated specifically on accentuating the eyes and nails is Dolce & Gabbana. The latest addition to the Dolce & Gabbana line is the Khol Collection for 2012, a collection which revolves around 5 new intensely pigmented eyeliners.

The brand’s new ambassador Felicity Jones demonstrates the power of the beauty products that are aimed to emphasize sultry, smokey eyes, a collection that targets the younger, more adventurous Dolce&Gabbana fans. Mixing brights with earth tones, the collection helps create a very seductive, exotic allure that is still very familiar and that doesn’t create a ‘heavy’ look. The new Khol Collection features the following new season must haves:

Intense Khol Eye Crayons These amazing eye pencils are the focus of the collection as their rich pigmentation and soft tip formula delivers the right amount of color every time. Create perfect lines or smudge the khol line to achieve a smoked-up look as either way you’ll look amazing. The following hues featured in the collection will help give your eyes that sultry allure that makes heads turn:

Peacock – a vivid blue/green

True Black – a rich carbon colour

True White – for highlighting and brightening the eyes

Chocolate – a velvety, cocoa shade

Dahlia – a deep burgundy hue

Femme Fatale Quad Intensify your sultry eyes while still maintaining a demure allure with the new Femme Fatale Eye Quad, a 4 color eye shadow palette that provides timeless hues such as neutrals, browns and a deep carbon black that can be mixed and matched to achieve the ultimate party-glam look.

Intense Nail Colours Dolce&Gabbana is placing a heavy accent on perfectly polished nails through a richly pigmented nail polish collection featuring both nudes and cools, colors that can enhance the beauty of your nails to perfection in addition to adding a complimenting finish to an outfit. The collection features the following intense hues:

True White – white

Wide Green – a beautiful, verdant shade

Peacock – a two-tone blue/green

Chocolate – a velvety, cocoa shade

Dahlia – a deep burgundy hue

The new Khol Collection signed Dolce & Gabbana for 2012 underlines a fresh and youthful spirit through bold and intense colors, so mix and match your favorite hues to accentuate that attitude that makes heads turn!

Photos courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana Facebook