The new season has brought an array of amazing makeup collections that display an infusion of vivacious, joyful colors and the new Dolce & Gabbana Bouquet spring 2012 makeup collection is definitely one of those collections that will dare you to resist it. In 2012, pastels dominate the makeup scene as the beauty of color is definitely unmatchable and with a season in which pastels surround us, it’s no surprise the colorful flower gardens inspired makeup creators to transpose the beauty of nature into their newest makeup collections.

Dolce & Gabbana’s Bouquet spring 2012 makeup collection was inspired by the beauty of pretty flower petals, so if you’re ready to experience the power of pretty pastels, take a peek at the upcoming makeup collection signed Dolce & Gabbana, collection introduced by the label’s new ambassador Felicity Jones. The collection brings all the elements that will help you shine this spring/summer season, so check them out and pick your favorites:

Bouquet Eye Color Quad This is a lovely eye shadow palette that combines the power and beauty of four incredibly hot hues that can be mixed and matched to create an array of ultra seductive looks. Mixing strong, high pigmented eye shadows with nudes and pastels can help accentuate and define the eyes for a day to evening look, so if you love pretty pastels, this is a palette to consider adding to your beauty kit. The palette features the following color mixes: green with soft gold pearl, blue, ultra light pink and purple.

Bouquet Crayon Intense Eyeliner Define your eyes with the most amazing colored eyeliners in pastel and timeless darks as these hues can help enhance the eyes to perfection. Perfect for day to evening wear, these high pigmented eyeliners will quickly become your favorites, so choose your best match from the following hues:

Agave – lovely green-gray

Lilac – flirty purple

Rose Petal – soft rose

Lemon – bright yellow

Mint – soft green

Aqua – aqua blue

Bouquet Lip Gloss Lip gloss is a definite beauty must have this spring/summer 2012 season and Dolce & Gabbana introduces some of the most sensual lip gloss hues for the season in its Bouquet collection. With a soft and creamy formula, the lip glosses provide a high shine that will make your lips irresistible, so choose one of the sheer lip glosses available in nude brown, raspberry, rose and purple.

Bouquet Nail Lacquer Don’t overlook the importance of your nails this season as polished to perfection nails enhanced with the most seductive, intense nail polishes are a definite must. The brand’s long lasting formula nail polishes are infused with intense pigments for an amazing effect, so pick your favorite hues from the following:

60 Lemon

70 Mint

75 Acqua

80 Anise

102 Rose Petal

107 Lilac

Photos courtesy of Dolce & Gabbana