Minimalism meets elegance in an outstanding way in the next makeup collection launched by the over-popular beauty brand Dior. The collection indeed is sculpted around the visual effect of gray in combination with pink which has a deeper essence than just the matching of two complementary and harmoniously vibrating hues. Indeed, as creators claim, the main source of inspiration for the Dior Spring 2011 makeup collection is a little town in Normandy where Christian Dior spent his childhood. Moreover, pink and gray are some of the colors the fashion guru associated with those years.

Therefore, the line echoes the old time atmosphere mirrored by the classy packaging as well as the eye shadow and lip makeup color palette. Additionally, designers also claim that the very first Dior store on Avenue Montaigne also had a tremendous impact on the creative process of the makeup sets envisioned for the arrival of the spring. Gray was never this elegant and overwhelming as it is presented in the unique and charming makeup products for the first half of 2011.

The eye shadow palette includes the following products:

Dior 5 Color Designer Eye Palette

Dior 5 Color Eyeshadow

Dior Cannage Palette

The lip makeup repertoire is just as refined and rich as the earlier collections:

Serum de Rouge Lip Treatment in 2 shades

Addict Ultra Gloss in Gray and Pink

Rouge Dior Lip Color

Additionally, the set also includes other key makeup items that should be in your updated beauty kit for 2011.

Mascara Diorshow

Dior Eyeliner Pencil

Dior One-Color Eyeshadow

Dior Vernis Nail Varnish in gray and soft pink.