The detail that has been adored by the Christian Dior label, the bow, inspired Dior’s creative makeup director Tyen to create an ultra-feminine makeup collection that packs the elegance, naturalness and refinement exuded by this particular ever present detail in the world of fashion. Dior’s spring 2013 makeup collection titled ‘Chérie Bow’ has sweetness overload written all over as the bow accents are introduced not only through the design of the packages, but also through color. Pink and grey accents that ooze naturalness and that still pack that glamor and couture feel that make Dior makeup a definite must for beauty addicts make the spring 2013 makeup collection a delight to watch, as who can resist the beauty of soft, lush colors that create an irresistible harmony with the skin? From the lips to the tips, the following fab Dior makeup products will urge you to give in to temptation, so check them out and pick your new season beauty must haves:

Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette Two new eyeshadow palettes will be added to Dior’s 5 Couleur collection, so check out the gorgeous pink based eyeshadows and pick your faves:

Rose Ballerine

Rose Charmeuse

Dior Chérie Bow Palette Fabulously defined eyes and perfectly polished lips can be easily achieved using Dior’s 5 pigment palette (3 eye shadows, 1 eyeliner and 1 lip gloss), so slip it in your purse and make sure you’re never caught off guard when it comes to beauty. Two bow shaped palette shade mixes are featured in this particular collection, so pick your fave:

Rose Poudre – pink, grey and anthracite eyeshadows, a black eyeliner and a pink lip gloss

Rose Perle – light and medium pinks, luminous white eyeshadows, a black eyeliner and a pink lip gloss

Dior Blush Feature definition can instantly transform your look, so no wonder that the blush has become an essential product in a woman’s beauty kit. Make sure you give your cheeks a natural pink flush with the help of these sheer pink/coral tone powdery blushes. Choose from:

Tender Coral

Pink Happiness

Dior Lips Luscious lips are now at your fingertips as Dior focused on bringing the most amazing lip tint formulas to the beauty scene. The high shine, candy tones will give your lips an addictive allure, so be sure to check out the following lip products and pigments:

Dior Addict Lipstick in Charmante, Bow, Espiegle

Dior Rouge Serum in Tulle Pink and Arabesque Pink

Dior Addict Lip Glow in Awakening Gloss

Dior Cherie Bow Spring 2013 Makeup Collection

Twin Set Eyeshadow Give your peepers a whole lot of drama and boost the glam factor by turning towards these fab dual end eyeshadow pencils signed Dior. Choose your favorite shades from the following:

Grey Sigh

Fishnet Black

Beige Ribbon

Ballerina Pink

Dior Vernis & Nail Glow If you want to look flawless, make sure you enhance your beauty from your eyes to your lips and to your tips as fabulous nails are a requirement when it comes to style. Regardless if you’re into playing with one color or multiple shades when it comes to your nails, the slightest touch of pigment applied to your nails can have amazing results, so test the beauty boosting power of the following nail care products signed Dior Cherie Bow:

Dior Vernis in Tutu – rose pale pink, Rosy Bow – brighter pink spiked with coral, Gris Trianon – soft grey

Dior Addict Nail Glow a transparent pink tone formula

Dior Chérie Bow Spring 2013 Makeup Collection Dior Chérie Bow Spring 2013 Makeup Collection

Dior Chérie Bow Spring 2013 Makeup Collection

The oh-so-feminine Dior Chérie Bow makeup collection for spring 2013 will hit the shelves starting January 2013, so make sure you grab on to your beauty faves as soon as they hit the shelves as these fabulous pigments are probably going to fly off the shelves!

Photo courtesy of Dior