The Dior fall 2013 Rouge Dior collection is a special one for the luxury label. As hard as it might be to believe, Rouge Dior has reached its 60-year anniversary already. To mark this special moment , the brand is bringing back an impressive number of iconic shades that have delighted makeup junkies over the years. The quest for the perfect shade of red has proved an interesting one, leading to the launch of no less than 1500 shades. The ad campaign for the new line brings Oscar winning actress Natalie Portman back into the spotlight.

The upcoming Rouge Dior fall 2013 makeup collection consists of 32 classy shades of Rouge Dior lipstick, 12 shades of Contour Lip Pencil and 4 gorgeous shades of Dior Le Vernis nail lacquer. Whether you’re looking for the perfect shade of red, luscious pink, fab coral or versatile beige tones, chances are you’ll find at least a few shades that will catch your eye. Here are the shades that will lead you into temptation from early September onwards:

Dior Fall 2013 Rouge Dior Lipsticks

Channel your inner vixen with any of the mesmerizing shades:169 Greige 1947247 Beige Cendre252 Porcelaine277 Rose Declamation332 Beige Etoile341 Rose Corolle351 Rose Elegante365 Rose Songe441 Spring443 Tea for Two452 En Huit462 Rose Badine

Dior Rouge Fall 2013 Collection465 Rose Cherie468 Rose Bonheur526 Macadam532 Plisse Soleil539 Trafalgar567 Darling665 Flower Blossom691 Panthere765 Montmartre766 Rose Harpers775 Hyde Park782 Pink Polo

Dior Rouge Fall 2013 Lipsticks999 Rouge Dior123 Trompe L’Oeil228 Indiscrete263 Swan418 Ingenue553 Sillage663 Guipure779 Illusion

Dior Fall 2013 Lip Pencils

Dior Fall 2013 Contour Lip Pencils

Add definition to your lips with these magnificent shades:263 Poussiere de Rose/ Nude Rose332 Rosee342 Abricotine352 Rose d’Avril463 Bois de Rose532 Jungle Brown567 Rose Bal632 Sunny Coral663 Rose Pretentieux/ Elite Pink775 Rouge de Fete/ Holiday Red844 Automne882 Ciel Rose/ Pink Sky

Dior Fall 2013 Nail Polishes

Dior Le Vernis Nail Lacquer

These four iconic tones are perfect for any occasion:999 Rouge657 Trafalgar653 Darling970 Nuit 1947Did you spot any of your old Rouge Dior favorites in the new line?

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Photos: Dior Beauty