Clarins has managed to become one of the world’s leading cosmetics brand due to the high quality products created. These products are meant to combine high quality effective ingredients with the newest tendencies in makeup, a combo which can make all the difference.

Makeup can truly a girls best friend with the condition the makeup used suits perfectly the facial features and skin tone. Application and colors are the base of a fabulous look and the Clarins Neo Pastels spring 2011 makeup collection can help you look dazzling without too much effort.

Pastel colored makeup is perfect for women who want to adopt a soft and feminine look which suits the season so no wonder pastels are a new trend in makeup this spring summer 2011 season. The blushes Clarins Neo Pastel has proposed for the new season look adorable and are meant to suit and enhance different skin tones. You can find these lovely blushes packed individually along with a blush application brush in the following shades:

Lovely Rose

Soft Peach

Miami Pink

Sunset Coral

Rose Wood

Spiced Mocha

Clarins Neopastels Spring 2011 Palette

Eye makeup is highly important as the eyes are believed to be the gateway to the soul so enhancing your eyes softly can have a positive impact over your image. Clarins has created the Palette Yeux Neo Pastels to help you achieve a soft and warm look using incredible eyeshadow shades such as beige, pink, coral, brown, lavender and purple. These shades match most skin tones and eye colors so they might be perfect for you.

Clarins Neopastels Sprign Summer 2011 Lipsticks

The sensuality of the lips can be enhanced using one of the following fabulous lipstick shades. The Clarins Rouge Hydra Nude lipsticks have SPF (6) protection so your lips will be protected from the damage of UV light. You can find the lipsticks in the following shades:

Nude Rose

Nude Coral

Nude Beige

Nude Caramel

Clarins 2011 Lipsticks

Also available are 3 other fab lipsticks titled Clarins Joli Rouge Brillant, which are 3 luscious lipstick shades available in:




These shades are perfect for women who want to enhance and attract a great amount of attention towards the lips.

Clarins Concealer 2011

Because a makeup kit will never be complete without a wrinkle reducer Clarins has created the Lisse Minute Concentre Comblat Anti-Rides, which is a concentrated anti wrinkle serum meant to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Because this makeup collection is perfect for women of different ages don’t hesitate to purchase your favorite Clarins Neo Pastels makeup item.

Photos courtesy of Clarins Paris