Glamorous colors and the most refined makeup products come to help you forget about the gloomy winter season and start a new beauty page in your life. If you’re in a deep quest for the most impressive and cheerful collection make sure you won’t skip the one offered by Catrice.

The Catrice Enter Wonderland Makeup Collection to be released in early March will definitely fuel your passion for life and the ambition to look stunning at all events. Discover the wide and alluring color palette both when it comes to eye makeup as well as lips and nail art products. Enter this magical world of the vibrant and also delicate shades to pull off some of the hottest looks of the season. Skim through the complete parade of makeup formulas and trawl the market for these lovely products that would definitely catch your eye at the local beauty store.

The collection includes the following makeup products worth experimenting with during the upcoming season:

Enter Wonderland Absolute Eye Colour Duo

Create the hottest colorful smokey eye makeup looks with these elegant and dainty eye color duos. Try your hand at the stylish combination to make sure you bring out the most of your glimpse. The shades to choose from are:

Wonderland Green Card

Miracle Heaven


Eyeshadow Highlighter and Highlighting Powder

This light and subtle Fairy Dust eyeshadow highlighter and highlighting powder will help you add some definition to your eyes and cheeks and turn your best assets into a real accessory. The glittery glam is given by the sophisticated texture of both highlighter that allows you to apply them onto the delicate spots without difficulties.

Metallic Liner

The smooth and silky texture of the metallic liners will provide you with the best tools to define the shape of your eyes and add them depth and prominence. The shades to look for are:

Miracle Clouds

Miracle Heaven

Catrice Enter Wonderland Makeup Collection Catrice Enter Wonderland Makeup Collection

Sparkling Lipgloss

The perfect pouch can do miracles with your appearance therefore make sure you have these stylish lip gloss shades in your pocket.

Forbidden Apple

Snow White’s Lips

Alice’s Hatter

Tip Painter

Choose this stylish tip painter to sport the hottest manicure designs of the moment.

Wizard Gold

Lashes to Surprise

An alluring glimpse can be also complemented with these flirty and eye-catching false lashes.

Eyeshadow Brush

Ease your job during the application of makeup products to the delicate spots and make sure your kit is completed with this useful and stylish makeup brush from Catrice.

Ultimate Nail Lacquer

If you’re looking for the most dapper hues to stain your nails with check out this colorful selection of nail polish colors offered by Catrice. The shades to choose from are:

Forbidden Apple


Wonderland Green Card

Miracle Heaven

Image courtesy of Catrice