Apart from being a leader in the fashion industry, Burberry has managed to make its way into the top of the cosmetics industry as well, so no wonder the Burberry Beauty makeup collection for spring 2011 has only attracted positive attention.

Burberry has always been an advocate for natural beauty and this couldn’t be more visible than through this new fab makeup collection which brings out natural beauty through earthy, sheer tones. Timeless, feminine, fresh and flirty are the words that come to mind from a first glimpse of the collection, so give it a try and recreate that flawless sheer natural beauty look that takes your breath away. The collection features an innovative composition which ensures a long lasting makeup wear for a beautiful complexion.

The collection for spring 2011 features several new products which you can use to enhance your natural beauty, regardless of your skin tone as these shades were created to suit most of them.

Light Glow Natural Blushes These 3 fabulous new shades are meant to ensure your skin receives a natural glow that reminds you of a spring morning. With an airy micro-powdered texture, the blushes can be effortlessly applied on the cheekbones to define them and enhance your delicate facial features. Select one of the following hues:

No.06 Tangerine Blush

No.07 Earthly Blush

No.08 Misty Blush

Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick The new lip tint formulas created by Burberry are meant to provide your lips with a fabulous hue which reflects light. Luscious lips will always be a target as far as beauty goes, so use one of Burberry’s new fab lipsticks to enhance the beauty and sensuality of your lips. The Burberry Lip Cover Soft Satin lipstick has an ultra-light formula which will allow your lips to feel and look natural. You can find the new lipsticks in the following hues:

No.22 Delicate Rose

No.23 English Rose

No.24 Romantic Rose

Lip Glow Lip Gloss Lip gloss offers the lips a shinier appearance that will create the illusion of plumper lips. The new formula ensures the lips are replenished by hydrating ingredients, so your lips will not only look great, but feel this way also. You can wear these lip glosses individually or over your favorite lipstick, so select one of the following hues:

No. 04 Blush

No. 09 Nude Beige

Sheer Eyeshadow It seems that Burberry has tried to transpose the beauty of earthy elements from the English countryside into their new eyeshadow palettes and they have managed to do it so perfectly. Sheer creamy textured powder helps define your eyes, so use these hues individually or combined for a myriad of fabulous eye makeup looks that make you stand out. The following new hues are available:

No. 02 Trench

No. 09 Rosewood

No.11 Tea Rose

Photos courtesy of Burberry