Bobbi Brown has celebrated his Pretty Powerful campaign by launching the Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Palettes which can help your complexion receive that minimalist, natural transformation everyone is talking about.

The Pretty Powerful Palettes are a mix of fabulous colors which can be applied on the complexion to emphasize different facial features, depending on the look you want to obtain. The colors belong mostly to the “soft” color zone and they can be a perfect match for most skin tones. The collection features two fabulous palette shades that will help boost your natural beauty instantly. Use the colors individually or mix them for a personalized look that will match your style perfectly. Bobbi Brown said that: “I believe that all women are pretty without makeup- but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful.”

“The reason I do what I do is to help women look and feel like themselves, only prettier and more confident. This has been my mission since the day I started my company and it’s the inspiration for Pretty Powerful.”

This is exactly what makeup should accomplish and the Pretty Powerful Palettes can definitely help you achieve that look that will make you feel even more comfortable in your own skin. These palettes are limited edition and cost $60 each, so stack-up on your favorite, skin perfect products while supplies last. The makeup palettes feature the following fabulous shades:

Pretty Face Palette This makeup palette is perfect for women with a fair and medium skin tones. The palette is created to help you achieve that lovely, healthy and natural look. The colors featured in this palette are: For the eyes:

Ivory eye shadow – a creamy white

Pink flannel eye shadow – a nude pink

Pink chiffon shimmer wash eye shadow – a bright pink with shimmer

Chocolate caviar eye shadow – a deep chocolate brown

For the cheeks:

Pretty pink blush- a lovely warm baby pink

For the lips:

Soiree pink glitter lip gloss – a lovely baby pink with silver flecks

Bubble bath lip gloss – a bright neutral pink

Sandwash pink lip color – a beige pink

Powerful Face Palette This makeup palette is perfect for women with a medium tone or darker skin tones. They feature a lovely mix of pinks and browns so your skin can radiate beauty from day to evening. The palette features the fabulous colors: For the eyes:

Navajo eye shadow – a creamy pinkish white

Rose gold shimmer wash eye shadow – a golden pink

Burnished rose eye shadow – a warm rose

Chocolate caviar eye shadow – a deep chocolate brown

For the cheeks:

Plum blush – a deep pink plum shade

For the lips:

Pink pudding lip gloss – a bright medium pink

Pink bouquet lip gloss – a baby pink with silver flecks

Powerful lip color – a bright deep pink

Photo courtesy of Bobbi Brown