Mineral makeup is seen as the solution to oily skin by more and more women and Mattify Cosmetics has already built a reputation for itself in the field. Check out the best Mattify Cosmetics powders that make oily skin makeup a breeze.

Using a gentle blend of mineral powders can help absorb the natural oils on your skin much faster. Mattify Cosmetics has created different types of powders, all of them free of the irritating ingredients that can cause itchiness, breakouts and redness: Bismuth Oxychloride, Talc, Pearl Powder and Mica.

Best Mattify Cosmetics Powders

Mattify Ultra Transparent Powder for Very Oily Skin

The flagship of the Mattify line, the Ultra Powder contains a blend of the most effective 6 ingredients that absorb oils and stop oily skin. Whether it’s applied under the foundation or over it, the Mattify Cosmetics Ultra Powder can help you achieve a shine free finish to your makeup that lasts for hours.

Mattify Original Transparent Powder for Combination Skin

Another great vegan option, the original powder is widely considered one of the best Mattify Cosmetics powders. With a list of ingredients that includes Kaolin Clay and corn starch, the powder for combination skin can put a stop to your oily t-zone problems. The special mineral powder gives oil control without drying out your skin.

Best Mattify Cosmetics Powders

Mattify Sensitive Transparent Powder for Sensitive Oily Skin

Specially designed for the most sensitive of oil skins, this Mattify Cosmetics powder is free of the irritants that cause the most problems: bismuth, rice powder, corn starch and mica. Working both as a clear primer and setting powder, this type of powder is the best option if your skin is too sensitive for the Mattify Cosmetics Ultra Powder.

Mattify Tinted Powder for Oily Skin

If you’re looking for more than just controlling oily skin, the Mattify Cosmetics Tinted Powder can help you achieve a better look using the best of mineral makeup. Available in two versions, for fair/medium skin and for medium/dark skin, the tinted powder can act as a concealer, can even out skin tone while blurring pores and can even be applied over the foundation for a long lasting makeup with an even finish.

Mattify Concealer for Oily Skin

Available in three versions, light, medium and dark, Concealer-Zit is the best of Mattify Cosmetics powders for women who have both oily skin and acne. Hide your blemishes and forget about uneven skin with this excellent vegan concealer.